Sunday, 10 November 2013

That's it ..... it's done, now to enjoy it!

A surprisingly beautiful and bright day here today for Remembrance Sunday, such a contrast with the darkness and gloom of yesterday. Always uplifting to see the old veterans assembling in their berets and medals for the short march to the village war memorial, followed by a few pints in the Legion. I'm reminded that both my Grandfathers were fortunate enough to come back from France in the first war, one a veteran of the Machine Gun Corps and the other an infantryman. My Grandmother used to tell me the story of how she prepared for Grandads homecoming by making up a fresh bed with clean cotton sheets only to find he arrived at the door running alive with lice  - 'lousy' as she put it - and unable to stop scratching!

It's been a busy week re-basing these figures and finishing terrain hexes etc, but finally it's its done. I can now sit back and enjoy fighting some battles, and I intend to do just that! I can also get back on track with other (domestic) jobs that need doing including tidying up the garden.

This is probably the last of the 'posed' shots I'll do on the boards, in future it will be battle reports etc. I must say that I feel I have achieved everything I set out to now, and it's important to know when to stop. I hope to get some edging bits cut this week by Tony at ERM, I need half hexes cut both ways - if that makes sense - and then a few quarter hexes for the corners. Once they are in place it just requires a thin bead edging to finish it all off.

Back to commission work tomorrow.


  1. They look very fine Lee. I look forward to reading about your exploits.

  2. Really nice, these figures are really nice!

  3. For what it is worth I have found 2mm MDF very easy to cut with a steel rule and a sharp knife, such as a family knife. Just score lightly initially then use the groove to cut deeper with a few more cuts.

    1. That should be Stanley knife not family knife.

  4. Thanks again chaps :-)

    Keith, cheers for that. I wasn't sure how clean an edge I could achieve and Tony cut them quite cheaply for me. He's added these edge sections to his shop now with the 55mm hexes should anybody else wish to make a C&C board.



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