Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Time for Battle!

I added the edge pieces this afternoon and I think it really sets it off and finally it looks like a C&C game board. I kept it to the standard 13 x 9 hex grid and marked off the sections on the edging in white. Just the outer frame now to find and fit.

The board set up ready for battle. Viewed from the British side.
At last it’s time for battle!
This game is loosely based on the fighting between Washington and Howe’s forces during the White Plains campaign of 1776. It not intended to be a recreation of any particular action from that campaign, but rather I have based my orders of battle for both sides around the campaign.

It’s Autumn of 1776 and following a prolonged period of heavy rain both armies are cold and wet, the American’s being ordered to sleep on their arms in readiness for the expected engagement.  The narrow river that snakes across the battlefield has swollen from the recent downpour but is still fordable along its length, although a much easier crossing may be found at the two fords.

The American army consists mostly of troops from New York, Delaware, Connecticut  and Massachusetts,  the latter providing a good number of militia who have turned out with Patriotic zeal for the engagement. The Maryland battalion are also present and are considered to be one of the best Continental units on the field for this battle, and so have been rated as ‘elite’. Command of the army has been divided between three Generals, namely General Charles Lee, Major General Spencer and Nathaniel Greene. Expecting the Redcoats to attempt to cross the river light field works have been thrown up with a clear field of fire across it.

The British forces have already delayed their attack once in order to allow the troops to dry out and grab some rest, but are now advancing on the American position. The British command is also divided between three Generals with Hessian Von Heister commanding the right flank with elite troops consisting of the Brigade of Guards, British Grenadiers and  light infantry (fighting in line), backed up by Hessian Jagers and musketeers. General Henry Clinton commands the centre which includes the crack Hessian Grenadiers, backed up by a couple of 6 pound guns and Charles Cornwallis has command of the left flank which includes a couple of squadrons of light dragoons and Loyalists.

At the start of the game both sides are deployed as shown in picture 1. Only skirmisher bases can begin deployed on line 3, the rest must deploy on the first 2 hex lines. On the American side the Massachusetts militia begin deployed behind the light works, waiting for the main body of infantry to come up.

The cloud has broken and the day is brighter than recently, Howe orders an advance to cross the river and smash the Continental army. Washington is concerned about the condition of his troops, but must fight in order to prevent the crossing.

Each side begins with 8 command cards and may elect to play 2 ‘sector’ cards together should they wish or a single  tactic card as normal. If a player plays 2 sector cards they only pick up a single replacement.  (Great idea Chris!).

6 VP’s for a win. The destruction of a militia unit does NOT earn a VP, and the destruction of a British ‘elite’ stand (Guards or Grenadiers only) will earn 2VP’s for the Americans.

Washington moves first.


  1. The board and armies look great! The black edging really gives it a "game board" look. Well done!

  2. Magnificent spectacle. Well done!

  3. Lee - it looks as if you have achieved the perfect balance between 'board game' and 'miniatures game'. Looking forward to following the battle...


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