Sunday, 24 November 2013


I don't know why they have to do it, but leave something new in the house for a few minutes unattended and cats will always make a bed of it. I went to fetch the blocks to set up a C&C N game and came back in the room to find KitKat snuggled up in the middle of the board!

Anyway, main news this week is something that I'm sure won't come as a surprise to those who have followed this blog for a while - the entire AWI project is now up for sale on ebay, figures, hex board the whole lot. I'm not sure I understand this myself, but I think I'm moving closer now to wanting to play block games, and I simply cannot find enthusiasm for painting stuff for myself any longer. It only took me a couple of tester games to understand that it offered me very little potential for enjoyment, and that hopefully somebody out there will be able to put it to far better use than I ever will.

The future is blocks.
I have decided that I will stick with board games for the future and I'd like to collect all of the C&C expansions and the Ancients game. I will of course be continuing to paint on commission for others, and I still find it very rewarding from a painting perspective, but I doubt I'll paint any major projects for myself any longer. At the end of the day I regard the AWI project as just another piece of work that can go up for sale, and any cash generated can be ploughed back in Commands & Colors games.

I have no idea how it will do, I enjoy the anticipation of an ebay sale, (not so keen on the high fees though!), but should anybody care to take a look here's the link:

15mm AWI figures and game board.

So onwards and upwards it is ..... commission work continues on the 10mm AWI's, 24 figure battalions and I have nearly completed 4 so far. I'll have some pictures soon to post here.


  1. Slightly sad to hear that you didn't get the anticipated pleasure from the game but I'm guessing you find greater pleasure in the planning and making of the board/figures than in the final gaming. I hope that you get a good price for it on Ebay, I'm sure that you will, it is a very attractive piece of kit. I'll keep an eye on it myself but I suspect that the final price will be too rich for my blood, particularly as my own project cost is escalating (a few ££s for paint here, some terrain there...) plus my P500 C&C Austrians should be winging their way to me, with consequent credit card hit. Anyway good luck with future projects, I will watch with interest what you do next.

    1. Hello Keith, thanks for your comments once again,I did note what you said re Memoir 44 hexes btw, cheers for that.

      I have done this several times since starting this blog, seems I reach a point where I just lose interest and up it goes on ebay! No doubt after a few days I'll start planning something new and different again. Lack of an opponent down here does not help, I find solo play just a bit unsatisfactory. The C&C Austrian expansion sounds good, and I really do enjoy using those blocks, no doubt I'll get a copy in due course but I'm going to get the Russian box first from the proceeds of the sale and possibly C&C Ancients.... ever played that?

      Anyway, cheers for following along and good luck with your own projects.


  2. Hi Lee,

    Just to answer your question I do have the C&C ancients, and am waiting for GMT to republish a couple of the expansions, but have only played a couple of solo games. I do want to get into them more and it is something I intend to do in the future but ATM is waiting for me to get a few other things done.


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