Wednesday, 6 November 2013

C&C terrain board - part 2.

Following the advice of a few guys on the TMP forum I gave everything a good spray over with 'firm hold' hairspray and it has really done the job of sealing all of the loose flock. I was a little worried about something going wrong but I have to say I'd recommend this method of stopping loose flock blowing around.

I should have mentioned previously that part of the plan from the start was for this to be a 'portable' game board and I took into account the dimensions needed to be able to carry the entire thing through doors and upstairs where I could leave it safely in the spare room and continue a game when I wanted to. Main problem in this house is four cats who will insist on jumping on everything and especially something that is 'different' or 'new'. I was in no doubt that if I left the board downstairs they would quickly make a bed of it! I have had a couple of test runs up and down the stairs and I'm pleased to report that everything remains where it should be and the hexes do not slide about at all.

You may notice that I actually have 14 x 9 hexes laid out (C&C is 13x9 of course), as I have plenty of spares of plain/roads/rivers etc I decided to leave the extra width and make the centre section 6 hexes wide for now. I could of course make a much larger playing area.

Now for the one issue I'm still thinking about...... I laid out my American troops, but could not get them all on! The collection is still growing rapidly and I now have to decide if I should take the plunge and rebase all of the individual figures onto unit bases of 10 - 12 figures on 50mm x 35mm single bases. I did a tester and they actually look really good like that, and to be honest it would be far more practical for this game board. I estimate a few evenings work would see the job done, and I'd have 10 - 12 infantry units per side plus cavalry and artillery.

The roads are of course not a feature of C&C games, but I think that they give a bit more purpose to a game, even though no movement bonus is available. Rivers end movement for that move unless crossed at the fords as per usual C&C rules and I might add a couple of freestanding bridges later. All trees etc are freestanding, wooded areas being indicated by the stony hexes, as will be town/villages.

More to do, but I'll take a couple of days break while I ponder the question of rebasing.

A plug here for Tony at East Riding Miniatures who provides such a friendly and efficient service supplying quality laser cut MDF bases (and much more). Tony has added the 55mm hexes to his list now and has said he can cut me some half hexes for the edging, which might be a nice touch if painted black I think. The planned outer frame moulding will then be fitted to hold everything in position.
Laser Cut MDF Bases : The Original and the Best! Top quality bases in 2mm thick MDF as standard. Perfect for all your basing requirements.


  1. That looks very fine. Will you be building any American style split rail fences?

  2. I have to say this is the best rendition of a board you have done to date. Looks like you cracked it.


  3. It looks superb to me, I was trying to find a better/more useful term but gave up.

    We allow units on a road to move an extra hex but they can't battle. We experimented with tracking formations but gave it us as not worth the effort or in the spirit of the game.

  4. Thanks once again for the comments :-)

    CK - Plans are in hand for making some fences including some nice picket style fences for the town bases, I want this to be as visually strong as I can make it.

    John- great to hear from you, and I agree that after much experimentation I'm finally getting there!

    Ross - thanks, and I must say that much of the inspiration for this portable version of the game came from reading your ideas on your blog. This can even sit on the coffee table, it gives me options where I play.

    Cheers all,


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