Friday, 1 November 2013

A few more 'Hinton Hunt' ACW shots and plans.

I sit here surrounded by piles of 55mm hexes, packs of scenic materials and glue etc as I have finally decided to make a 'fluffy' version of the Commands & Colors board! I now have about enough hexes required to begin. I have made a couple of test hexes and I'm finally happy with them. I'll put all of this together in the next post as I hope to get started on this project tomorrow morning, and I'll explain my thoughts behind this.

For now I'm a little tired having painted these lovely Hinton Hunt figures with the hand painted/cast on flags this morning and then spent an hour photographing my AWI Americans for the new page. I can see a few dodgy stars on the flags, but for now I'm too tired to make corrections..... time to relax. I have 6 Hinton Hunt Union cavalry to paint on Monday, which I think finishes the HH figures for now. All of course are for the collection of 'Old John'.


  1. Nice work, high the colors!

  2. Hi Lee - your scene setting description at the start read like there'd been an explosion in the painting room - false alarm. Fluffy hexes - hmmm.

    The HH standard bearers are terrific - I have a very bad memory of these - long, long ago, when I'd been doing soldier painting for about 3 weeks I had a go at painting some of these self-same fellows, and my efforts were dreadful - execrable. Trying to get the stripes the same width on the Union flag just about ended my career as a painter - very traumatic.

    Cheers - Tony

  3. Great work Lee - I'll be very interested to see your hexes.

  4. Superb painting as always, very many thanks indeed for doing the lads for me, take a break, rest up, and do your hexes
    cheers Old John

  5. HI Lee - lovely work on the HH flags, there's just something about those cast on flags...

    By-the-way their should be 33 stars on the Union flag !!!

    1. …and it should say "Made in Taiwan" on the bottom edge...

  6. Hi - will be interested to see what you are doing with your 'fluffy' board. If you are interested I've started a blog to document my own efforts to build a 3D hex based board. Finally back at it after a hiatus for other things and a couple of false starts. Good luck with your build.

  7. Thank you for the comments, much appreciated :-) The flags were a true labor of love, I really wanted to make a good job of the cast on HH flags.

    Keith, really interested to read your experience with hex terrain, gave me a few more things to think about! I'll be following to see how it goes for you.

    Cheers all,



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