Monday, 27 July 2020

40mm Spanish infantry completed.

After several months lay off I have finished the last 10 figures of the 40mm Spanish infantry battalion. These are Perry Miniatures.The flag is not correct for the unit but it is very colourful, it is one of the flags created by Tony (Foy) for his 20mm army, simply resized.

I doubt that I will go any further with the 40mm's, I list the collection total below. I just have two more guns painted ready for when I can get the RHA crews, which I think now will need to be resin printed.

Just the bases to finish off now.

British/French/Spanish Napoleonics 40mm scale.
16 infantry battalions @ 24 figures.
7 skirmisher/ light infantry/riflemen units @12 figures.
7 field guns, each with 5 crew.
9 cavalry units @ 8 figures
Mounted command figures 10 figures
Odd foot figures 10.
4 Oxen pulling huge siege gun with Spanish guerrillas.

513 foot figures.
82 Mounted figures.
8 guns.


  1. Impressive collection, Spanish Infantry look superb, great respect for your talent, cheers Old John

    1. Thanks John, I'm glad the 40's are finished now.

  2. Awesome, lovely looking Spanish!
    Best Iain

  3. Lovely job Lee - impressive, as ever!

    1. Thanks Tony. I felt a bit sheepish about showing the unit with that flag as I know it's wrong, but it's very colourful for now. I intend in time to replace all the 40mm flags with cloth printed ones as they work very well in this large scale so I'll probably correct the Spanish flag.


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