Friday, 17 July 2020

40mm Polish lancers - day 5.

I'm really recording the progress of these as something I can later look back on. I have started on the next 4 troopers. Prussian blue + dark grey, deep red + old rose, london grey as a base for all the white/silver to follow. There is a lot of white on these so over the grey I paint off white and highlights will be pure white. The faces are light brown, touch of red added to give a little shade colour along sides of nose and cheeks before picking out highlights with flesh tone highlighted with a touch of white mixed in. Eye sockets then touched in with white and a tiny dot of dark blue. Today will be finishing off the white and silver to be followed by brass and gold.

Tomorrow will be a day off as it's our Granddaughters 4th Birthday so I'll be out much of the day but I hope to have these finished on Sunday ready to start the eight horses next week. Bases will be four to a base 120mm x 70mm as is standard.

Thinking ahead a bit I think It's about time I finished off the 40mm Spanish unit (Perry Miniatures) that I started earlier this year and painted just 14 figures, so another 10 to paint to complete the unit. Also in mind are the RHA crew that Ian Smith and I commissioned a year ago, unfortunately Covid 19 bought the moulding and casting process to a halt so I'm thinking of going with the resin prints but we shall see how things go. I have the officers and the two guns painted and ready so it's just the 4 gun crew.

These are the digital conversions for the intended rocket troop, the actual gun crews will consist of officer, rammer, portfire, loading shot and carrying buckets.


  1. impressive painting, best wishes on your granddaughter's birthday, she is at a lovely age, enjoy the day, cheers old John

    1. Thanks John, we had a good day with Lilly and the family. IN addition to Lilly (4) and her sister Violet (3) and elder Granddaughter Crystal (aged 10) we now have two more on the way, thanks to lockdown!

  2. Lancers are coming along wonderfully! I've been looking at Austrian Lancers in 28mm recently and your gun crews look ace,very happy you haven't deleted your blog!
    Best Iain

  3. Cheers Iain, the moment passed but I read things well enough these days.


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