Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Polish Lancers - that's about it!

Ten days from starting these and the satin varnish is on and they are looking nice and shiny. I have since noticed that the horses eyes could do with a touch of black (being careful not to make them look like human eyes!), so they will get that. Unfortunately the basing will have to wait until Tony Barr's laser cutter (East Riding Miniatures), is repaired so it may be a week or so but no problem. The reins were a bugger to fit from the same black card that I used for the cuirassiers last year, not perfect but overall I'm happy, it's quite stiff card so has a habit of springing off before the super glue can secure them.

They can be put aside now until the bases arrive. I have ten Perry Miniatures Spanish infantry to paint to complete a battalion and that's all the 40mm stuff done, I doubt that I will add any more to this collection save for the RHA guns when the crews are ready.

40mm Polish Lancers by Sash & Sabre, painted over the course of 10 days. 




  1. Lovely job. I wonder whether it is worth you always having just one or two unpainted models on stand-by for when you get the urge to paint them and then just paint them as singles for a bit of fun.

    1. Thanks Norm, I'm very pleased with them. I do have quite a few 'leftovers' in 40mm.

  2. Splendid Polish lancers, very nice job on the horses!

  3. fantastic work on lancers but don't envy the hassle of doing reins etc :))horses indeed look great, wish i had your talent
    cheers Old John

  4. Splendid looking Lancers! Lovely work!
    Best Iain


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