Thursday, 31 March 2016

Hail Caesar!

Having spent several months agonising over what to do next as a project I have finally come to a decision. I wanted to do something completely fresh and new to me as Bolt Action was, and to run alongside the gradual expansion of my three BA forces I wanted something more colorful and more challenging to paint. The AWI has been a favourite period of mine for over 30 years and I'm sure I have painted figures in every scale and most manufacturers, I came very close to giving it one more shot. But in the end it came down to a period I have never actually done for myself, and I have always had a yearning to try. This image from the warlord website sold it to me:

Yes, it's going to be Early Imperial Romans v those nasty Celts! I have placed an order for the best part of two starter armies, and was pleased to find the rule book on offer with a figure plastic box set of choice, which effectively knocked the book itself down to about £10.00 from £30.00. As with all Warlord stuff the bulk of the figures are multi part hard plastic with officers and extras being cast in metal. The plastic Romans are very fine figures and the supplied shield decals should give a neat finish. While I'm not a big fan of assembling plastic figures I know that the time spent is generally well rewarded.


  1. Looking forward to seeing this project come to life. Make a nice change from all the Horse and Musket and WW2 stuff I see at he moment.

  2. I've now played Hail Caesar 3 times, though using Dark Ages figs (Which worked just fine as large battles from that era were fought in a similar way to Roman era.). It's a straight forward rules set and I enjoyed playing. We didn't have cavalry or artillery pieces though, so am interested to see where you go with this.


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