Sunday, 27 March 2016

A building project in MDF.

Over recent years the quality of mdf lasered building kits has really come on in leaps and bounds, and I enjoyed making my 15mm buildings so much, that when I sold them I was determined that I would rebuild the Normandy village in 28mm. It's taken several months to reach the point where I can begin to enjoy working on the terrain again and I now have another four kits ready to build.

The first is another of the excellent 'Starfort' kits, beautifully cut in 3mm MDF, this weighty kit cost £21.00 and will represent a Normandy cafe with central archway. It contains no less than 19 sheets of 3mm board plus the usual lasered roof covers etc. It is clearly going to take some time to build, but I'm going to enjoy it. Like all mdf buildings I find inks or thinned paints are the way to go when painting.

After the above will follow a further three kits, these are via eBay. The standard 3mm mdf for this 28mm scale and first thing I noticed was that they all come nicely bagged up with all of the small parts already cut from the sheet. It can be a bit fiddly removing very small parts from the sheet so having them loose and fully cut out is a real bonus to me. Unlike the Starfort kit these all came with detailed construction diagrams. These are more generic buildings but no less fine for that.

And finally the AFV collection continues to grow, still struggling to paint figures for some reason, but enjoying building tank kits. The Russians now have two T34/85's and a T34/76 to select from (only one painted to date). With a couple of M4 Shermans and a StuG assault gun out on the table, you can see how things are coming along, the M10 is built, as is the Stuart, but I'm going to finish my Russian tanks before going back to them. As I have six models now ready for primer I'm waiting for a nice calm day to spray them all up together, I usually prime everything by brush, but I have bought a can of Army Painter black primer especially for the job.

I spent a long time looking for storage for the three armies as they grow before getting the plastic boxes seen here, in time I may add magnetic basing to keep everything in place.
This is the T34/76mm version, still a formidable tank. Again a very simple kit to build.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing those buildings done. Wish they weren't so cost prohibitive at 28mm though, else I'd snag a few myself.


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