Friday, 4 March 2016

More work on terrain.

Having finished the battle, cleared the table and put down a protective plastic sack, I set to work on getting some PVA on those hedge sections. It's a messy old job, basically I needed to completely cover the sections in PVA so that it seals everything together once dry. I pulled out as many of the cocktail sticks as I could see and gave each section a squeeze before leaving overnight. Next was to ink all of the stonework on the bases, which will then be decorated with blossoms, weeds and tufts etc.

Next I decided to 'render' the wall sections of my enclosed courtyard area, created to give an extra bit of hard cover, by painting all in PVA and then applying chinchilla sand over it 'pebble dash' style. Once dry it got an inking over followed by ivory drybrushing.

The orchard also got a bit of a makeover by painting the tree trunks and inking the bases. River sections will follow, plus more S&A scenics large trees, a couple more buildings and various other scenic bits and pieces. Over the weekend I'm going to get some of this on order together with a fair bit of general scenic materials.

Next practice scenario I play will feature both air strikes and preliminary artillery bombardment as I have not used these yet. I have seen some hilarious games on YouTube where the above comes in and hits it's own men, all part of BA's unpredictability.

Typhoon on it's flight stand, you can see the newly rendered walls behind/below it.
Took several coats of PVA to seal everything
Added a second layer to the cornfields to give full concealment. Also first of my new pin marker bases.
Almost dry!


  1. I'm studying all this very carefully, 'Lee. My own efforts, no doubt, will be extremely puny in comparison!

  2. All looks like it will only add to your already good looking table-full of terrain.

  3. Thanks chaps, so far it seems to have been worth the effort and the mess!


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