Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Soviet tank riders and HQ figures.

I'm quite pleased with how the command group turned out, the Commissar looks pretty menacing, ready to pull his pistol to shoot anybody refusing to advance under the 'Not One Step back' rule!

Not One Step Back is a new rule that uses Commisars to exhort your troops to greater glory. Commisars count as officers but do not provide Morale bonus to nearby troops, however when a friendly unit within 6" fails an order test you remove one model from that unit and re roll the dice...there is no choice in this matter! The Commisar sees all and will not hesitate to shoot!

HQ group, Commissar at left, nurse, field officer and radio operator.

I bought a couple of packs of tank riders, five figures per pack,  three per tank will look about right. Must admit they got a fairly fast paint job, but the final highlight seemed to life them a bit. IN Bolt Action tank rider squads can be quickly pushed forward, and one thing I am learning about this game is that speed is of the essence when you only have six turns to win the game. To this effect I'm adding more German half tracks to be used as transports, a typical vehicle being capable of carrying a full strength Grenadier squad.

Pics show Soviet HQ group completed and the newly built T34/76mm ready for painting, it will also get tank riders.

Tank riders by Warlord games metal figures.

T34/76 & T34/85.
German ME262 underway, Airfix kit.


  1. Nicely done, great looking sniper!

  2. Nice work... love the rust on the T34...

  3. No blue trousers for the Commissar?

    Love the tank riders. Will be picking some up for my own soviets. Nothing strikes fear into the enemy than 10 SMG toting Tank Riders hopping off their ride and into german grills!

    1. Dai, you are right, I must give him his blue trousers!

      Tank riders seem the way to go when you have just six turns (possible seventh), to grab an objective. I'm hoping to give the Soviets a run out on the table next weekend, just finishing off the MG team and medium mortar.

  4. Thanks Steve, the rust is Vallejo pigment and works well.


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