Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Airfix Typhoon for Bolt Action.

I can't describe how much I enjoyed putting this kit together and painting it, just needs a final lighter shade on the underside and then mounting on a 12" length of brass rod. It's basically a marker, to show direction ground attack aircraft is coming in from, but it's a nice model and when held about 10" to 12" above the board it somehow scales up quite well. You may just be able to see the replaced 28mm pilots head in the cockpit. Invasion stripes on wings were painted freehand, but I left off the fuselage stripes as they messed up the decals on my F0W model. I will of course now require a German aircraft!


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers Ian, enjoyed it so much I'm going to make another, an ME262.

  2. Nice Tiffie Lee! Your freehand stripes are very well done. What scale is it?

    1. Thanks Dai, it's 1/72nd scale but looks just about right 10" or so above the table.

  3. Nice one 'Lee, as were you last two battle reports. Love the Redcoats too!


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