Monday, 2 July 2012

Those river sections again!

I finally managed to make some river sections that I'm happy with. Previous versions looked either too thick for 6mm or too wide! These are made from very thin flexible plastic sheet simply painted then a bead of thick PVA/Sealant (good stuff this) along the edges and covered in static grass to match my other scenics. I like the way it can snake across the board through the hexes.

What I'm basically trying to do now is to create all of the terrain items required to play all of the C&C scenarios as supplied in the boxed game. This means I need quite a few more hill and wood hex bases plus a few other bits and pieces. I still need 8 more hill sections but I'm not sure I have quite enough matting material left to cover them so I may need to go back to the drawing board with these and begin again from scratch, possibly using a softer hex material (these are cut from hard wood and not all of the hexes are accurate). I'll decide later about that.

The wargame room.
Overall I'm pleased with the look of my table. Next few days should see the room repainted and I have plans to get some nice military plates on the walls, improved lighting and storage for the figures/terrain. Should be a nice space to relax and wargame.

Thinking ahead slightly, I'd like to find a couple of gamers who might care to try some C&C Napoleonic games. Solo play is OK, and I'm not really a 'clubby' sort of person, but it would be good to play against a like minded opponent once I have got everything together. I'm on the Kent coast in Dymchurch, a popular holiday destination with plenty of comfortable B&B's and a lovely sandy beach just across the road!

Here's a few pics of the river sections on the table.


  1. River looks good. I'm curious about how durable it will be.

  2. Hi Lee - the terrain is really looking good, in fact the whole thing is very impressive. Shame I live so far away or I would be the first to take up your gaming offer!


  3. Lee
    you naughty boy you have gone me interested in 6mm Naps for C&C. Ohh dear not more painting.

  4. I don't need to start a new period, I don't need to start a new period ...

    I'm working on something similar with Commands & Colors: Ancients, at the moment. Paper flats for now, but I have some of Mr. Berry's figures waiting in the wings ...

  5. Those rivers are looking very nice!

  6. Apologies for the delay in replying to comments.

    FMB, I guess when using 6mm stuff everything is pretty fragile! But the river sections should be fine I think, and so easy to make if a bit gets damaged.

    Ian, cheers for the comments, I made the right move in changing to 6mm, that's for sure :-)

    Declan, thanks. I'll take a look at your blog, been without internet access for a few days this week.

    jay Arnold, C&C Ancients does look good, and the Baccus range is perfect for it. I'm sure I'll do CCA myself in due course.

    Phil, cheers, really simple to make the third attempt!

    Thanks all,


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