Sunday, 29 July 2012

Future plans and more action.

The latest game is progressing well with the French beginning to suffer heavy casualties as they advance on the British position. At one point the French who are attacking had a very poor hand of command cards offering only probing actions rather than a coordinated line of advance, while the British had a strong attacking hand they could not use to full advantage. This slowed the game up a bit so I decided to allow the British lines to advance, which quickly livened up proceedings. Many command cards on both sides were played to advantage, and at one point the French played the 'bombard' card which caused 2 battalions to retreat, including the Portuguese Cacadores who fell back from the village they were occupying under heavy artillery fire. As the 'bombard' card (see below) was returned to the pack the 'first strike' card was picked up. As mentioned in my previous post, I have decided to use this card as a sort of 'extra go' card in solo play, thus the French played a card ordering the artillery to again open fire, which caused additional casualties along the British line. I think that worked quite well, and had a genuine 'bonus effect'. The British hit back and advanced several battalions, while Heavy Cavalry charged the leading column of French infantry forcing them into square. I got to use the 'cavalry retire and reform' rule following an attack by a French battalion in support of the square. 'Combined arms combat' was also useful, at one point a total of 6 dice were thrown by a combined British line battalion fire supported by a horse artillery battery which devastated a French Battalion at 2 hex range and routed (removed) them. The British currently have 4 Victory banners to the French 2, but several British units are marked with losses. Next few turns should prove decisive. Some pics below of the latest action.

Future Plans.
It's finally decided! I'm going to begin doing the English Civil War in 6mm, played to 'Foy's' excellent looking CCN/ECW adapted rules, still under development. I love this rule system and I think it will work well. As for the figures, they will be Baccus, based on the same 60x60mm bases, probably 12pike/16muskets plus maybe 4 officers/sbearers/drummers etc out in front per base.I think the look of different coloured units based to match my Napoleonics could potentially look pretty good. I may start a 'sister' blog to keep both periods separate.

French Dragoons underway. I will of course continue to add further Napoleonic units alongside the ECW's.


  1. Good pictures!
    Best regards

  2. Lee, it is fantastic that you have been able to produce such a great looking battlefield covered with beautifully painted troops in merely four months!
    How are you finding/liking the card-based initiative? Do I take that it's a bit too restrictive at times, given that you decided to ignore the turn of the cards in your description above?
    We look forward to seeing the remainder of this Napoleonics game and will enjoy seeing developments with your ECW project!
    All the best,

    1. Hi James, thanks for the comments :-)

      Overall I do like the card driven style of the game. In this game had the hands been reversed the early stages may have moved faster. On reflection it is frustrating but probably realistically frustrating! It is hard to co ordinate an attack right across the front for example, and I'm only just getting to grips with building a strong hand of command cards ready for the right moment to strike. But I like this system.

      I think the emphasis now is very much on the 'game' aspect for me, C&CN gives a good fun fast moving (mostly) game which I enjoy playing. I had considered sculpted terrain tiles etc but have decided it would only detract from the 'hex game' aspect I'm now enjoying. Standing back and looking at the whole set up I have to say I'm really pleased with how its all turned out :-)


    2. Hi Lee - looking excellent, as ever. Ref cards in CCN - it's not long since the general view on CCN was that it was a good game but was impossible to play solo. Most of the iffy situations with cards which have emerged in your games recently - certainly the ones we have discussed - are only tricky because you're playing solo.

      Since I think we have both demonstrated that solo play *is* possible - and even enjoyable! - there is still a little work to do to identify finally which cards don't work well in solo play (at least not without clever workarounds or blind-hand arrangements). I think that First Strike and Short Supply are the only ones that really need to be excluded - just about everything else is fine, especially if you use my blind-hand gizmo with the dice.

      In normal, non-solo play, the card set has no snags at all.

      I'm currently working on defining a first-cut set of cards for the prototype ECW variant, so you can have a giggle at them when they appear. The first set will be the full, non-solo version. The World shall hear from me again...

      Cheers - Tony

    3. Hi Tony - I agree about the cards being perfectly suitable for solo play aside from the two mentioned. Having struggled with rules for many years I have no doubts about how well C&CN plays.Pre C&C I used to set everything up then find motivation to begin a game was lacking to the point where I would pack it all away again! What I love about C&CN is that you don't have to move everything at once then remember which unit needs to do morale tests, firing, rallys, more morale tests etc, you make a tactical decision based upon the command hand which generally always allows you to move at least one unit and you play the move right through to conclusion. This really suits me! I find I can walk away overnight, come back next day and pick it straight back up where I left off, all I do is use a single D6 to remind me whos turn it is by placing it on the command hand :-)

      I'm quite pleased with how my 'First Strike' card idea plays solo now too, when it is turned up in the pack (if initially dealt it is replaced) I use it to give a sort of 'bonus go' by replacing it, drawing a new card then playing a turn normally, so it effectively gives a double turn. I regard it is as one of those unexpected situations that can arise in the heat and confusion of battle. I might rethink the 'short supply' card too for solo play.

      Your ECW variant cards are excellent, I need to begin raising troops fast now, I understand that the King and his Parliament have fallen out!



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