Saturday, 13 May 2017

Travel Battle - painting part 2.

Things are coming along nicely now that I seem to have got my eye in for this scale. Painting on the sprue laying flat definitely helps because I can use both hands to steady the point of the brush! I have now knocked up more infantry and some heavy cavalry for the French, just the light cavalry (Hussars) to go and that's two sprues done. I decided to paint the French heavy's as Carabiniers, maybe I should have gone with the white jackets, but went with the (latter?) light blue. I'm trying not to be too fussy but it's good fun, trick is knowing when to stop.

I put the four boards together to see how things looked, I wont touch them until I have all of the figures finished. It struck me that one more set would give a more conventional battlefield, I'll see how things go.

Main thing is I'm enjoying the challenge immensely and I can visualise how it should all look once it's all finished.

Now, should I highlight those 'black' horses? maybe I will at a later stage.


  1. Looking really impressive at this small scale, I don't think you need to highlight the black horses as you said it's knowing when to stop!
    Best Iain

  2. Cheers Iain, I'm sure you are right, I'm just a bit obsessive about these things!


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