Thursday, 4 August 2016

New terrain items & Indians!

With the hobby room currently upside down for sorting out and repainting I'm looking forward to getting the table set back up so I can lay out some of the new terrain items that are arriving. So far I have the excellent hedge sections from Simon at S&A scenics, far better than my own efforts that have now been binned having salvaged a small mountain of clump foliage for future use. At 30mm tall they are just about right for 28mm figures and look more realistic. Great product, highly recommended and available for scales 6mm upwards.

12" & 6" sections, a great product.

This shot shows the S&A scenics hedges lining my metalled road sections from Small Terrain Miniature Scenery.

Again apologies for the poor lighting.
I also have the resin painted river sections from Small Terrain Miniature Scenery and again I am very happy with the product. Photos not brilliant due to poor lighting up in my room, the new sections are slightly darker in reality..

The river sections are cast in resin and supplied fully painted and textured. The new rural road sections will integrate with the river sections and I also have a painted resin bridge coming, all from Small Terrain Miniature Scenery.

Couple of 28mm FIW figures to show scale.
Unpainted village pond and craters from same company, these are for Bolt Action.
Some may recall the wider river sections I bought some months back from another company via eBay, I was never really 100% happy with them although they do have a quirky hand made quality. Eventually I decided to replace them with these narrower sections that line up far better and have a more consistent look. You can see a comparative photo below. Should the wider sections be of interest to any fellow blogger you would be most welcome to take them off my hands for £30.00 including postage. The set cost me £50.00 + p&p  (less than the new resin sections) just need to clear any unwanted stuff from the room.

Old wider sections at front, total of 11 hand made pieces including a quirky hand made bridge!
Close up of the bridge. 11 sections £30.00 inc postage. 28mm figures for scale.
The ford.
You can see they don't line up brilliantly .... I'm a fussy sod!

Still waiting on the new narrower 'rural' road sections from STMS and the TSS terrain boards to arrive in due course.

On the Bolt Action front I'm sitting back and awaiting the release of the 2nd edition rule book, probably in September to see what changes they bring.


Late news! Received some great photos of the completed Woodland Indians from John at 'Kingscolours'. he certainly does not hang about. I'm delighted with them, they are just as I wanted them to look although I left it to John how he painted them. I'll get a few group shots once they arrive home, My Sharpe Practice project has been given a huge boost and I can't wait to have a run through of the rules.

We have a plan in place going forward, and next week I hope to send John the Front Rank Canadian Militia, Rangers and artillery crews to follow on with. After that will come 3 companies of French line infantry at end of August and these will all be Warlord figures. I will paint the 2 guns, the second company of Front Rank French line, British Grenadier company and personalities. I'll need to order some FR light infantry too.

Front Rank Woodland Indians, painted by John.


  1. It's the S&A scenics stuff I have Lee, it's nice stuff. Indians are looking good as well!

    1. S&A scenics are a very reliable company and supply great products. Simon is very approachable and has made a few bespoke items for me. Always well packaged.

      I'm well pleased with the Indians James, John has a real artistic touch and he turned them around in 48 hours! They look even better in the flesh.

  2. Yet more new terrain stuff - very nice. Rather envious of your table Lee.

    Natives look the part for sure.

    1. Hello Dai, thank you once again and if only we could play a game of Bolt Action!

      This 'investment' in my hobby is thanks to a kind inheritance, It's very special to me :)

    2. That would be super cool, no idea when I'll be back in Blighty though - also I'm not sure my Winter theme'd forces would look all that right on your Western Front setup? :)


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