Tuesday, 23 August 2016

'Moaning Minnie'.

Latest addition to my Bolt Action German forces is this Nebelwerfer, multiple rocket launcher, nicknamed by allied troops 'Moaning Minnie' due to the noise it made when firing. It's a Warlord Games model as are the crew. I'm pleased with the weathering effect, I wanted to capture the blackening around the barrels and a slight rusting here and there. The usual Vallejo 'Middletone' was drybrushed over a black undercoat, and then a touch of golden yellow mixed in for highlights.

In Bolt Action terms the Nebelwerfer is classed as a multiple rocket launcher and counts as a 'heavy mortar' when firing. To reflect the extensive potential blast area any units within 6" of the nominated target (friend and foe) could be hit. You roll to hit the target and then any unit within 6" so it's slightly unpredictable. Certainly the morale impact was devastating as described above.

For my US platoon I have completed a second 30 cal browning MMG team and have a third on order. The US army lists allow up to three such to be taken as a single selection to represent the high numbers assigned to the infantry. Each MMG team has three crew, with the spare loader being based separately.

Another fixed team Browning 30 Cal. MMG, now pumping out 5 shots under BA v2.

An objective marker I knocked up. 'Hande hoch' to quote Corporal Jones!
BA second edition is only a couple of weeks away now and it is revealed that all machine guns will now get an extra dice on the' to hit' roll, so this means a US 30 cal. will now roll 5 dice, while on the German side 'Hitlers Buzzsaw' the MG42 will roll no less than 6 dice when deployed as a fixed team. This additional dice for German MG teams represents the quality of both the weapon and the training of it's crew. Within squads where the MG42 is carried in Light Machine Gun mode, (not deployed on its tripod, often steadied over the shoulder of the loader for example), the two figures now put out 5 shots/dice AND can advance and fire on an 'Advance' order (-1 for moving and firing). This flexibility and firepower is one reason I enjoy playing German and with an MG42 (LMG) being carried in each of my 6 squads, together with a mix of bolt action rifles and assault rifles they are a force to be reckoned with. This together with the initiative training of the German infantryman that allows a fallen squad sergeant to be replaced from the ranks thus avoiding the -1 morale penalty, can seem an overwhelming advantage against my US platoon, but is balanced by the US special rules such as more MMG's and the fact that they do not suffer the 'Move and Fire' penalty so no -1 when firing on an 'Advance' order to reflect the 'Fire and Manoeuvre' training, and of course each squad includes a Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR), so you can see how nicely Bolt Action balances things up.

Another thing I hear is that dense woods WILL now block LOS, a victory for common sense. If you would like to hear more on the forthcoming 'tweaks' to the BA rules this video is well worth a watch.
(Fast forward 1 minute to avoid the advertising blurb!). It's a game of BA played to the new rules at a good pace by experienced players and the guy from Warlord umpiring and explaining the changes as it goes along.

And finally ..... the hobby room is painted, just need to improve the lighting now and put the blind up and it's ready to play some games.

The TSS boards are stored under the table as our cats use this upstairs window to get in and out overnight onto the pantiled roof below, we're looking into a catflap!
Pride of place, my wife bought me this as a birthday present 20 years ago. I'm pleased with the shade of green I went for.


  1. Wonderful looking vignettes, and this effective and fantastic Nebelwerfer looks awesome...

    1. Imagine a massed battery of the things, might add a 'Howling Cow' next :)

  2. That's some collection your building Lee! I enjoyed doing the 15mm Nebs, odd looking weapons!

    1. Thank James. I'm enjoying collecting Bolt Action stuff more than playing with it. With the room and terrain all done now I'm ready to offer it out for a game to opponents, so if you should ever find yourself down this way you would be most welcome to try a game:)

  3. That Neb' looks great. Personally not a fan of arti being so close to the action in Bolt Action (Or in Flames of War for that matter.), but that's the way the game's played I guess.

    BA 2nd Ed rules do indeed sound fun and are an upgrade. My fav so far is the changes to the officers and their new ability to activate other units. That will make for some bloody fighting with all that ability to create concentrated firing opportunities!

  4. Hello Dai,
    It does seem a bit odd to have artillery on a 6 x 4 table I agree, especially where they have to be towed onto the board and then open fire at a target just a couple of feet away! The Neb basically counts as a heavy mortar, and we know how useful indirect HE fire can be in this game. I think the templates will tone it down a bit, I have no issue with that. From the start I felt BA played best as an infantry platoon based game, but I guess Warlord want to sell all those lovely tank, artillery and half track models they produce.

    From day one I felt I was being sucked into a very clever marketing campaign by a company keen to keen to grow the business which they have done very successfully, but the models are fantastic and plastic production and development costs are very high.

    I'm told that a Major (+4 morale) will be able to activate 4 units now, but I guess it will balance in terms of the opponent having more dice to activate later in a turn, it will certainly change the dynamics of the game. For the better? We shall see.


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