Monday, 16 May 2016


I cleared everything off the table, gave it a good hoovering and then laid out a simple set up featuring some of my new road sections. I'm very pleased with them as they seem to lift the scale to match the houses and other terrain items. Might need to get another 12 of the taller trees from S&A Scenics, but overall I think everything is working together nicely, it's what I planned from the start, somewhat 'old school' in that it's modular and can be used to create loads of different layouts. One thing I can't model however are hills or even gentle undulations in the terrain, it's obvious that to fit the vertical scale any hill would have to be HUGE, so we represent largely flat terrain and I'm happy with that.

I picked out a couple of small forces to play with, probably only around 500 points each and the game is underway. Just a couple of squads per side to keep the rules fresh in my head.

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