Tuesday, 8 December 2015

More 'Bolt Action' Bits ..... the StuG rolls onto the table.

Been doing a fair bit painting this last week, I think in order take my mind off the funeral arranged for this Friday for my Mum in Law. I have noticed that my wife has been endlessly cleaning the house in order to do the same thing, and what with my middle daughter Jess moving back in with her partner, things have been hectic. It's going well, both are easy to live with and work full time, only one minor gripe so far, we wish the lad would put his top on occasionally around the house, I did suggest that I start doing the same walking about bare chested, but not a popular idea. I must turn the central heating down a bit!

Anyway, here is the results of my latest efforts, more BA bits. Above all the StuG is about painted sufficiently for the table top, I'm certainly no camo expert but overall it's pleasing to my eyes, and like like everything else I intend to return to them later for additional touch ups and detailing etc. It needs a little weathering I think too. Commander in assault gun Grey uniform is not the most detailed of models so I may replace him with metal later, but he will suffice for now. Also added a German sniper team and the US mortar team, all based and finished. A six figure US airborne are also about finished and will be followed with another six.

StuG first coat stage.
US airborne underway.

I like a bit of order and tidiness!

US light mortar.
I decided to add my command figure to the half track, but I do have a substitute figure should he dismount. In Bolt Action command figures give moral throw bonus to squads within six inches, dependent upon rank.
Sniper and panzershreck teams all finished.
The assault gun visible above the hedgerows.
Germans coming together now.

Bag of 28mm stowage, great product that will really enhance my tank models.

I have also been tarting up my 15mm Panzer Grenadiers for Flames of war, expanding them up to three platoons of six rifle/mg teams each plus support weapons.

In the New Year I have a feeling that the AWI is calling me back again, having discovered just how much fun 'skirmish' style games can be I am very tempted to give 'Sharpe Practice' a shot. This scenario looks so playable!


  1. Sorry about your mother in law. I lost mine in June.

    and anout your son in law but at least its not a daughter in law who insists on walking around your house topless.

    The new models and figs look great.

  2. Very sad news to hear about your mother-in-law. I am sure by the time you read this that the funeral is over and done with already, but I wanted to pass on my regards.

    Did StuG commanders/crew wear grey or black uniforms like Panzer commanders?

  3. Thanks Dai, much appreciated.

    I based the commanders uniform on a comment I heard on a documentary about Michael Wittmann the Tiger ace, when he was serving on assault guns. It said he later exchanged his "assault gun grey' uniform for Panzer black? I will double check though out of interest :)


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