Monday, 11 August 2014

More 28mm AWI shots.

I had a run through of the 'unofficial' AWI rules yesterday morning using the 8 card hand and was pleased with how well the moves flowed. It was just a test game, played on the old felt mat grid - the intention being to produce an improved version rather like that used the 'Prometheus in Aspic' blog (here). As said before, my aim is to be able to play through the published scenarios using a simple figure per block system. To date the scenarios published are the following:

DP02 Bunker Hill (17 June 1775)David and Michael Pitts2315
DP05 Hubbardton (7 July 1777)David and Michael Pitts1368
MM01 Brandywine Creek (11 September 1777)Mark McGilchrist1845
MM02 Germantown (4 October 1777)Mark McGilchrist1286
MM03 Monmouth Courthouse (28 June 1778)Mark McGilchrist1243
MM04 Monmouth (28 June 1778)Mark McGilchrist1712
DP01 Camden (16 August 1780)David and Michael Pitts1226
DP03 Cowpens (17 January 1781)David and Michael Pitts1291
DP04 Guilford Court House (15 March 1781)David and Michael Pitts1283

As usual with Commands & Colors scenarios the emphasis is very much on the balanced game, and the AWI scenarios have been produced with this very much in mind, but they look fun to play.

I need to add a few more figures yet, Guards and Grenadiers plus more Continental line troops etc but I'm not far off. 

I'm using the play sheets I made up last year, but I may need to tweak them to match the variant rules (for example - Continental line use the 'Spanish' factors, but I wanted to make them more of a match for the British regulars). It will come together now I'm sure, and overall I can see it should work well for quick games.

Took a few pics at the start to show the collection so far. Once done I'll be focusing on building up more conventional forces using Fife & Drum Miniatures.

Militia in front!

Supported by line troops.

Light infantry.

The playsheets.

2 companies of riflemen - range = 3 hexes.

Queens Rangers.

Continental line.

British 'hatmen' companies.
I also took a few more 'posed' pictures of my command bases.

And finally, a couple of shots showing comparison between Perry plastics and metals as discussed on TMP. I think they are a fine match.

L to R - metal, plastic, metal, plastic.

L to R - metal, plastic, metal, metal, plastic.

L to R _ metal, plastic, metal, plastic, metal, metal, plastic.


  1. Lee,
    all looks very good. I will have to check out the scenarios etc. Whats the link for the rules etc?

  2. Graham,
    I'll send you the links, you can actually download and print the entire core rules booklet from the official GMT Games site, very unusual for commercial rules to be made available! I should emphasis the 'Game' aspect but they are fast and fun to play and require a lot of tactical thought and planning.



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