Wednesday, 20 August 2014

A bad night.

Yesterday I spent some time trying to get my thoughts down on how to adapt C&C Napoleonics for use with my AWI figures. It was a pleasant day, I got a fair bit done and was ready to set up some illustrative pics this morning. My wife and daughters are having a few days in Blackpool while I offered to stay at home and look after our dogs and cats. I was planning to finally mark up my game boards and possibly make some terrain pieces while they were away.

Last night around 10pm there was a knock on the door, the guy across the road had collapsed.  I went across and helped to get him onto his back for CPR as it was apparent that he was barely breathing. First Responder took just 4.5 minutes to arrive, followed by paramedics. They fought for forty five minutes to save him but he died. He was only 46 years old. I had seen him at 5pm, when he waved and smiled at me as he got into his car.

This morning, after a few hours sleep I was out early with the dogs, trying to fathom why or how this could happen to such a relatively young man. The sun is shining, it's a fine morning, it seems so unfair.

Today I'm thinking how lucky we all are to have what we have in life.


  1. On a day when there was a news item about people not knowing or helping neighbours, you showed that people do care and will help each other. It is unfortunate that despite the efforts of everyone involved, your neighbour died.

    Events like this remind us that we never know what will happen to us today, tomorrow, next week etc., and that we should always live our lives as if it was our last day ... and to be grateful that we have friends and families who enrich our lives.

    All the best,


  2. Rotten experience - you're a good fellow for helping out, but a shame, and very upsetting. As Bob says, I guess all the comfort we can take from times like this is to be grateful for the good things in our own lives.

    Look after yourself - Tony

  3. Blimey, that's harsh.... every day I get older I realise more and more life IS transitory... all you can do is live it one day at a time, try to do right, keep your loved ones close (except when they want to go to Blackpool..) and hope that the day of reckoning is not too early... well done - I would have panicked... :o)

  4. Stuff like this is a reminder to live every day like it's your last. Sorry you had to go through that mate. Good on you for doing what you could to help and don't let the outcome deter you if there's a next time. At the very least it will be a comfort to his loved ones that you tried to help and he had someone with him.

  5. That was a terrible experience for you to go through, but you did your best to help with CPR (not many know how to perform it) and as the others have said enjoy each day and your family
    rest assured you have much support from us all
    look after yourself
    cheers Old John

  6. Thank you all, I'm feeling much brighter today after a cr*p day yesterday, just could not get the sight of his lifeless body out of my head. John, there was two of us with him, probably only 5 minutes before the first responder arrived to take over but he was not breathing, they shocked him and fought hard to save him for far longer than usual because he was such a relatively young man.

    Family all due home later today, can't wait. The guy was a friend of the whole family, he helped us out occasionally with lifts, he was such a genuinely nice man.

    Anyway, thank you fellow bloggers for your support and kind words, and as you all say such an experience does indeed make you thankful for what you do have in life, I know I'm a very lucky man to have what I have :-)

    Cheers all,


  7. Lee,
    sorry for my late response Ive been away and no internet. Asa has been said by others you did everything you could and it is tragic for a life to end at this age. As you say these events have a habit of putting everything in perspective and to make us realise to be grateful that at least today we are here and we should enjoy life.


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