Thursday, 4 April 2013

Normal service is (almost) resumed!

One problem about living with a depressive illness, even in recovery, is that it can without warning take you right back down again. Thankfully such episodes are less common for me now days, but it can still happen, and when it does it can affect me in odd and unpredictable ways. My last post here, which I have now deleted, was a typical example of such behaviour. I could quite easily have picked up that drawer full of painted figures and thrown them in the bin! Thankfully no offers were received so I am taking the advice of my good friend Tony and putting them away for a short period while I refocus.

I won't waffle on here, I'll just take some time to let things settle back down again, which I think is the best course of action for the time being. It is after all a 'therapy' project, and there was always going to be ups and downs.



  1. Hi,

    I'm pleased to hear that you have decided not to sell, I do have some understanding of what you mean as my wife suffers from a similar form of clinical depression (which she is just beginning to recover from).



  2. Glad you decided to hang on to your figures Lee and that you'r feeling better soon mate.

    All the very best,

  3. Yes, I too am glad you decided not to sell and to continue on. To be honest, I have always regretted selling painted figures, even if I end up shelving them so long that they end up collecting dust. Everything has a proper place and time and when it is time to pick up again, it is a good feeling that those miniatures are there, ready and waiting, for you to start using them again. Better than getting excited about a new twist on an old project, then remembering that you sold off everything.

  4. Thank you man!! I'm a EVERYDAY visitor of your blog, and enjoy your tips, comments, after action reports... everything. Even, I buy some 6 mm Baccus spanish soldiers (always I thougth it was useless for me), and before realize that in 2 hours I complete the preparation and painting of 24 figures in my first attemp... I love the scale. I'm a chilean (so forgive my poor english) wargamer, and use 1/72 plastic soldiers (the only available prior to Internet). Now I'm planning to make a 1:1 diorama of one battle of the war of independence of Chile (800 men by side).
    Perhaps will help to you know that your blog is a therapy proyect for people like me... in the last corner of the world.

  5. Hi Lee,
    A wise decision I think.
    Like Richard above, I have some understanding of the struggles of mental health as I work through my own experience of burn-out and anxiety. I have found there are times when its not a good idea to make deep and meaningful decisions whilst our brains are struggling to cope with even mundane stuff.
    I hope you find some "Joy & Forgetfulness" (like Conrad Kinch says), in your pastimes.


  6. Lee

    Hope it all works out - and glad you kept hold of them.


  7. Glad to hear it old chap. Could you drop me a line on the blog? Just your email address, I won't publish the comment. I have a quick question for you.

  8. One more here, for me burn-out and anxiety, resulting in quiting job and movig to another country (!). Hang in there, you're not alone and as noted in the posts, you have quite a following on this blog. Like Marco I've recently bought a bunch of Bacchus 6mm Prussians, in no little part due to your pictures! First try at this scale.


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