Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Russian command base, grenadier battalion and some Baccus casualty markers.

A quick update - here is the first of my Russian command bases and a new grenadier battalion with those nice tall plumes! I decided to stick with 3 mounted figures per command base, despite them being slightly too big for the C&C hex when attached to a unit. I just like the look of them this way.

Also a shot of some Baccus casualty figures I'm painting for a regular customer. I like these, especially the guy with his legs stuck beneath his horse. I might get some Napoleonic markers like this for effect here and there on the odd base.

Next Monday I'll be starting work on a 500+ 10mm AWI army for a customer, the Pendraken figures are quite amazing, first time I have seen them 'in the flesh'. I'll add pics as things develop, I'm looking forward to this project. I have now also added my 10mm prices to the 'WarArtist' blog.

Russian generals - lot's of green and gold, always a good combination.

The first of 3 packs of Baccus casualty markers for a customer.


  1. The detail on those 6mm figures is very good. I have not painted at this scale and I dont think my eyes could take it either.

  2. They look great Lee, excellent work mate.... Good luck with the 500+ 10mm figs.. Rather you than me!

    All the best,


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