Thursday, 18 April 2013

Rhode Island Regiment - 10mm.

These were a bit of a challenge but I think turned out well. I undercoated in black, dry bushed carefully in grey then built up the white from there. I need to check a couple of details re cap lines/badges and also the shade of the haversacks carried and strapping. I need to feel my way back into this period. My customers choice of regiments is great, varied coloured coats etc. These 24 figures took me around 3.5 hours to paint from start to finish, including two trips into the kitchen for more coffee and a stretch of the legs! Finished with a coat of vallejo matt varnish - hand applied, I don't like spraying this scale.

On a Commands &Colors note, I hope to get another couple Russian infantry units painted over the weekend with luck but in the meantime I am attempting to play my first C&C Vassal game - Corunna - with Conrad Kinch, who has kindly given me the shove I needed to get started. I think we're having some initial incompatibility issues - modules, not personally - but I'm sure we can sort it out and get on with the game. We shall be playing via email, saving the game each turn and sending it back and forth - with luck.

Some pics, 10mm Pendraken AWI range.


  1. Impressive work look forward to seeing these finished and based

  2. Really cool. Your painting style really makes the details pop.
    thanks for sharing.


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