Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sunday afternoon photos.

By way of lifting the mood following the recent dip, and it being an amazingly nice day here I took advantage of the bright sun to try a few outdoor close ups of my figures. Given that we have barely seen the sun for what seems like an eternity I'm not surprised that the village is busy with day trippers, and the buckets and spades are out.

Thank you for all of the messages of support, I very much appreciate them all. Onwards and upwards and all that, here we go with some new pics.

Russian foot artillery.

Russian cuirassiers.

French cuirassiers, vistula lancers and dragoons .... blast, just noticed the shadow!


  1. Really nice paint jobs and basing. I like the new Russian sculpts from Baccus, especially the stronger and better formed bayonets and legs. I hope the new French sculpts follow the same improvements, although the preliminaries show the bayonets as being almost too big. We will see once they are done, I suppose.

    Once the new French are out though, I will probably start up Napoleonics again. I very much like your ideas on using them for Command & Colors. Much better than the ideas I have had.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Great work Lee - I like the guns in particular!

  3. Thank for the comments chaps, much appreciated.

    Dale, I agree the Russians are superb sculpts and as you say very robust. The bayonets are pretty solid, like the British ones. I think the new French sculpts will follow the same style, only seen the 'greens' so far but I'm sure the new casts will match all of the more recent ones. I don't think it will be too long now before we get to see them.



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