Monday, 22 April 2013

Russians on the C&C board and Vallejo paints review.

I now have 14 bases of Russian troops plus a first command base completed. I thought it would be a nice idea to deploy them on the C&C game board where they will used, for a  few photos. Still got a good way to go yet but there's almost enough for a trial game soon. Meantime I continue to play enjoyable solo French v Anglo/ Portuguese games on the board.

Vallejo paints.
For some time now I have been thinking about giving these a try, having read several positive reports on them. For a good eight years I have remained committed to the Foundry paint system, replacing individual pots as they run out. Over the years though I have noticed that I'm tending to use just the main shade and mixing lighter shades as I work more with the smaller scale figures, where some of those highlight shades can look a bit to garish for my taste. Above all what I look for are strong colours that will cover well over black in a single coat. I turned to numerous colours from the Citadel 'base' or foundation range, but most of those I relied upon were subsequently renamed and the new range just did not match the old ones I felt. I love Mephiston red and have used several pots of it, but others were just not right for me. A week ago or so I visited the Foundry website for a stock up to find that it has been upgraded, a good thing I'm sure, but I just could not navigate my way through the paints range as previously. I spent a frustrating half hour getting nowhere and to be honest they are expensive should you want to purchase individual pots, and I get through a lot of paint now days! So I turned to vallejo.

Having been using the first 20 pots for a week now I am very happy I made the decision to switch. I will keep quite a number of the Foundry pots too, at least until I find suitable matching colours but  these Vallejo paints are superb. Coverage is excellent in every case, yet they do not seem to skin as fast as Foundry or Citadel. They are easy to mix and the white is very strong and flows superbly off the brush enabling the finest of lines to be painted cleanly. I like the droppers too. I'll be adding further pots for sure as they add a whole new vibrancy especially to 6mm and 10mm figures.


  1. A fine looking Ruski force coming together there Lee. Keep up the good work mate!

    All the best,

  2. I've started to convert to using Vallejo paints as well having found that they cover really well in one coat, I was having great problems finding a decent red that would cover well in less than 3 coats.



  3. I switched from Enamels to Vallejo a few years back and wondered why I'd taken so long to convert to acrylics. I find a steel ball bearing in each pot helps mixing (not in varnishes though!), and I use craft acrylics for undercoating and terrain, but otherwise faultless. And a lot cheaper than the competition...


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