Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Some random photos!

This morning I painted up the first 'test' unit of the new AWI commission for an American army. I think it went well. These are as previously, said 10mm figures from Pendraken, and they are great castings as you can see, in my opinion as good as any 15mm AWI range out there surely. The first unit of a new job is always about of getting a feel for the castings and customers requirements. I'm painting at speed of course, but with controlled brushstrokes. I had previously painted two 15mm Peter Pig AWI armies (again excellent castings) so had some knowledge of the period, of uniform cut and civilian styles which helps. (You can see these in the '15mm' gallery on my painting blog should you wish, I'm rather proud of them!).

Anyway, enough blabbering on, here are the 8th Massachusetts State Troops resplendent in light blue coats, and also more 20mm figures for John C painted today, currently I'm painting 5 regiments of Irish troops for the Battle of the Boyne, these are Gordon O Neill's Regiment, or rather part of it. Splendid Les Higgins castings.

I thought it might be fun to give some scale comparisons so I've included a couple of shots including 6mm Baccus Russians and 28mm French from Victrix. Hope you enjoy them.


  1. Good stuff Lee - I especially like the Higgins!

  2. They are little gems Lee - you're a versatile fellow.

  3. Hi Lee, yer again superb work, O'Neill's boys look great but slight correction as to their maker, they are produced by Ingo's Figuren not Les Higgins, and are available from Germany, see


    cheers Old John

  4. Thank you chaps.

    John, thanks for the correction and the link, they are nice figures.



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