Tuesday, 21 August 2012

MDF Laser cut Hexes!

I have been looking around for a way of improving the appearence of my rather sparse looking gaming board. While the board as a whole is perfect for Commands & Colors games, being marked up with the standard 9 x 13 C&C hex grid, I want to be able to break up the expanse of green mat by placing individual hexes on the board to represent such things as forests/woods and even fields. The latter would have no effect upon the game from a movement restriction point of view, but I think could help to improve the look of the thing. Also my flexible town/village bases are not as sturdy as I had hoped so all terrain pieces are up for improvement!

For some reason my hexes are 95mm face to face, an unusual size. I considered cutting them from thick card but aside from the amount of work involved the thickness of the card required to avoid  warping when textured was visually unsightly. Then I remembered 'Foy' telling me about East Riding Miniatures who sell laser cut MDF bases of 2mm thickness, the same as the square bases sold by Baccus that I use. The ERM website offers almost any size and shape of MDF base a wargamer could require, and an email to proprietor Tony Barr confirmed that 95mm was no problem. So I'll be ordering an initial 20 hexes to replace existing terrain items and to produce a few field hexes etc. Should anybody else be looking for a source of pre cut hexes or bases the ERM website is well worth a look. I plan to create all of the hex 'tiles' required to play the C&CN scenarios.

East Riding Miniatures - MDF bases.

Battle conclusion will follow shortly - I'm currently painting a few more ECW bases before I return to more Napoleonics.


  1. I can recommend ERM for both quality and price. I think Tony is on holiday until next week but his delivery times are excellent.

  2. Thank you Rob. I'll be placing my order after the weekend.


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