Sunday, 5 August 2012

2nd 'Red' Lancers of the Imperial Guard.

This seems a fitting way to leave this blog for a couple of weeks or so while I get started on the ECW project. The completed Guard Lancers plus a review of all the French cavalry together. I think they really stand out as an Elite unit, and make a nice contrast to the Vistula lancers. I'll get 3 or 4 ECW units painted then come back to paint some British Hussars here.

Finally a shot of the undercoated ECW regiment showing the fine detail on the Baccus castings!


  1. They do look quite impressive mass together.

    Good luck with your new project.


  2. Wow Lee, they look absolutely superb! Those low angle shots are great, seems to be the best way to take photos in this scale. Roll on Waterloo!!!

  3. Thanks again chaps. Ian, I also like the low angle shots, inspired by your ACW blog :-)


  4. More great painting Lee; wonderful. You are a fine photographer too to capture such clear close-up shots.

  5. An inspiring blog Lee and great painting that's encouraging me to get started again in 6mm. I was thinking about the Seven Years War but I like the variety of units that Napoleonics offers and also the big bases. C&CN seems to be out of print everywhere, is it possible to get started without the boxed set?
    Speaking from experience, painting figures is the ideal therapy, keep it up! I look forward to more Waterloo goodies.

  6. Thank you again James :-) I use a 45watt 'daylight' or 'blue' CFL lamp to light my pictures which seems to help.

    Rob, the C&CN rules and reference sheets are all freely (and officially) available in PDF from GMT games, who market the box game. Here's a link to the rules so you can have a read:

    And this link has other useful stuff:

    To be honest everything you need to play the game with miniatures is freely available! You can email me: if you wish and I'll send you a few more useful links for C&CN.




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