Monday, 5 October 2020

Commands & Colors Napoleonics (with miniatures)

Edit: I have removed videos part 2 & 3 as being somewhat too repetitive in hindsight, but they can be viewed on my YouTube channel. The overview video part1 stands to illustrate how this project has come together as a small space, sit down and play wargame. 

I think I'm about there with this project now, just need to sort the hills out to match the mat. Made the new video mainly for the C&C Facebook group but sharing it here, please excuse my rambling narration! game is currently in progress.


  1. A lovely coming together of the project, love the compact nature of the game.

    1. Thank you Norm. Very much inspired by your good self of course :) I'm now working on a DBN alternative on a larger table 5 x 3 for a more conventional look, so will have the choice of two games using the same figure bases.


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