Monday, 12 October 2020

A bit of wargaming nostalgia in these grim times!

For those of us old enough to remember the day's of 'Battle for Wargamers' magazine 'Sgt. Steiner' posted these scans on his blog some time back. I'm amazed that I can recall almost every one of these photos! Certainly good to see Bill Brewer again as I was a regular at his Rye Stamp & Hobby Shop in Peckham SE London. Bill was a great painter and I always enjoyed a chat with him whilst browsing all the painted figures on display. Looking through these images reminded me of what we are missing in our hobby at the moment, attending club nights and shows with all of the inspiration they bought.

Scans from Battle magazine with thanks to the blog owner.


  1. Good to see them again, Battle and Practical Wargamer ...... the best of times! And lovely tables, even back then, who’d have thought! :-)

  2. Enjoyed and recognised most, but not quite all, the photos.

  3. a real blast from the past, still got my copies stored in study, these mags were inspiration back then as well all the conversion ideas in Airfix mag
    cheers Old John

  4. The worrying part of that is that I was at some of those events recognised many of the photos- now own some of the ECW units-and have many- but by no means all - of the magazines....


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