Tuesday, 29 September 2020

The 'Lockdown project' 6 months on!

Had a bit of a revue today, mainly to see if there are any gaps I need to fill. The total is now 600 figures painted in 6 months, which is not bad going. They are a mix of Blue Moon and AB figures of course. I must admit I quite like the idea of using 4 base 'brigades ' as 40 infantry do give a good mass effect, I wonder if there are any rules that would allow me to do this? I quite like the idea of being able to play with fewer, larger units. Anyway, I have identified a few more bases that need to be painted, currently I have 6 Chasseur a Cheval on the go together with a couple of 6mm WSS battalions for Gerry. Another order is in to Eureka and in the pipeline is another box of 20mm's for John, which he tells me will contain a lot of white uniformed Spanish troops.


  1. Lovely army. 600 in 6 months at that standard is a great achievement.

  2. Awesome looking troops in next to no time at all!
    Best Iain

  3. Wonderful display of troops, fantastic painting, very impressive, great talent, well done mate, taster of what i'll be sending all WSS. Spanish infantry command and musketeers, (white) Spanish cavalry (white) Spanish Dragoon (Green!!)Spanish Captain -General set (NO WHITE!! apart from neck-cloth)Naples infantry & gunners (white), Milan infantry (white)so lay in stock of white paint
    cheers Old John


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