Sunday, 4 August 2019

Lots to think about!

As the prospect of the dreaded No Deal Brexit grows ever closer, it has become one of the major talking points among British expats living in Spain. Healthcare, private pensions, tax, driving licenses are all considerations as our legal status here as non EU citizens will change. The major concern is healthcare, especially for those of us who have not yet acquired  full Spanish Residencia and health insurance, relying as many do upon the European Health Insurance card. Health care here in Valencia is excellent, and of course the EHI card provides us with peace of mind but a No Deal Brexit would effectively mean we may as well tear up that card. 

The house remains on the market - our German buyers having pulled out saying they were unable to afford it, surely they would have known that at the beginning? - we have new agents who are far more pro active and have had four really positive viewings in the last week from non Brits. Our plan to return to the UK end of August is now on hold until we find a committed buyer. Funny enough we have started to make new friends here over the past few months and are enjoying life in Spain again. The prospect of returning permanently to a UK under Boris Johnson does not fill us with excitement! We are now re-considering retaining a base in Spain, non residencia, and spending more time each year back in the Uk with our family.

Next week my wife will be returning for a weeks holiday and we are both booked to return for a week in October that takes in the SELWG show at Crystal Palace. We have relatives who live close by the park there including my cousin and 95 year old Auntie Vi, who we are planning to visit. 

This leads me onto a couple of hobby related matters. The RHA prints have still not arrived, its over 4 weeks now. Graham C has kindly said that he will print me 3 more so that Shaz can bring them back with her safely on her return. I have a sizeable order for paints, brushes, grasses, tufts, varnishes etc coming via eBay and requested tracked/registered mail which is very reliable and fast, 4 days UK to Spain on a previous order, I'll probably stick with this in future on all orders.

The Perry orders seem to be averaging 7 to 10 days to arrive now, standard International Mail, aside from that first one that took 28 days for some reason. I have another due this coming week which will complete the 7th French battalion, utilising some of the greatcoat wearing figures already painted. On order I have the following:

PEP 1  French Fusiliers, march attack in habits x10  ( Good deal on the basic line infantry figures, half price if you buy 10 for £22.50) They all still arrive in their individual black boxes of course.
PE 42  Eagle Bearer in surtoat.
PE 44 French sapper with axe over shoulder.
PE 45 Drum major.  (A magnificent figure that I could not resist!).

In addition there are 6 more Spanish Guerrillas to compliment the base below.

I'll probably retain the greatcoat wearing grenadiers (Sash & Sabre) and a few more to make up the numbers, should be a nice varied unit with some real characters.

Photos below show this weeks painting completed, the Spanish gun and crew, the first Guerrilla base and another 7 Voltiguers of the 15eme de ligne to complete that unit (skirmisher units are each of 2 bases, 6 or 7 figures).

Finally....... I know that I have the 60th rifles but I am just so tempted to add the 95th, I keep looking at them on the Perry site, and tell myself I must resist, but then they might just fill a gap while waiting for the Sash & Sabres to arrive, what am I to do?

Waiting on static grass and varnish. (All Perry).

The four skirmish bases together.

I'm adding another layer to the bottom of these bases to standardise my thicker wood bases now.

These are by Sash & Sabre.

The start of French battalion number 7.

French officer (Sash & Sabre), selected to command the latest unit, I love that face!

Spanish Guerrillas awaiting 2nd base, varnish and static grass.

The 'Spanish' gun featured previously with added sponge from green stuff.


  1. We live in interesting times my friend. There are no right answers in this artificially created catastrophe. As a fellow expat I hope it all goes okay for you.


  2. You are not wrong there Mark, we have had Germans and Belgians viewing our house who fall about laughing at the mention of Brexit, and the Spanish take the p*ss out of us in a jokey way, but it all adds to the picture. Around here in Ador, Villalonga and Gandia the EU flag is widely flown above local government buildings and even schools alongside the Valencian flag, who knows how this situation will end, but I'm embarrassed to be British right now.

  3. If it's any consolation, the minis are turning out well ;)

  4. Good luck with your plans and the figures look excellent.

    1. Bit unsettling but the painting helps a lot :)

  5. Interesting times, a curse indeed.

    But I do love those Perry 40's, some of their very best work in my opinion and beautifully painted here. I love the Spanish guncrew you've made.

    1. I just wish that Perry would add a few more figures to the range.At least we have Sash & sabre and I really like those too. Are you aware of any other producers of 40mm napoleonics out there Ross?

  6. Yes it's bad enough wondering how I will be able to work in Europe let alone be living there like my sister. Still the figures are excellent and you always knew you were doing the 95th didn't you?
    Best Iain

    1. Lots of bureaucracy here in Spain already, just buying and insuring a car for example requires lots of paperwork and documentation. But at least the sun shines most of the time :) 95th are on the agenda.

  7. Least said about Brexit the better! I'm still keeping my fingers crossed. All the figures look excellent especially the Spanish Guerrillas.

    1. Cheers Ray. I try not to let politics interfere with my blogging, but the B word has got a lot of people worrying, just can't ignore it, too much uncertainty. The Perry Guerrillas are nice, I swear one looks just like my neighbour!

  8. How can you not do the 95th?! Brexit can only be described as the outcome of some kind of mass hysteria... stiff upper lip... mate of mine is moving to Tenerife in August - he's already got full residencia and access to local health care, is it more difficult to get on the main land??

  9. Hi Steve, the 95th are on the agenda now, choice of Perry or S&S, maybe a mix of both would work.

    Brexit...... so much uncertainty around how this will affect the expats here. Residencia is not a choice we want to make yet as that impacts on Uk income tax from private pensions and Spanish taxes generally are very high. You can legally spend 180 days here per year as non resident, UK taxpayers, using the European Health Insurance card to take care of any treatment, prescriptions etc, it's peace of mind for non residents. Many non residents live her full time, but things could become far more difficult in the event of no deal Brexit, the laws will become much tighter as non EU citizens. Our compromise is possibly to retain an apartment here and to spend 6 months per year back in the Uk, we are trying to work out the finances and practicalities of doing that!


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