Sunday, 28 October 2018

Diddy Dragoon Guards & 40mm shelf preview!

I got a fair bit of painting done while Shaz was away in the Uk, that and some good dog walks.I'm definitely feeling and looking far healthier since the move to Spain and my mental health is very much restored from the time when I began this therapy blog.

In 40mm I focused on completing all of the extra command figures for the four infantry battalions and then finished off the basing on sixteen voltiguers. I still need to work back through each battalion checking details - for example brass barrel bands on one unit need adding - but as you can see they make quite a formidable sight when viewed together. The British battalions are equally impressive, but I still need to paint the last four flank company for the last battalion so probably next week before they attend for parade here. They will be followed by the first of the French Chassuer a Cheval.

For the 15mm C&C project I painted six British heavy dragoons (British cavalry are of 3 blocks while French are of 4) , in a single session. They seemed to take no time at all, a 000 brush was used from start to finish on the figures, and a 0 brush on the horses, my method being to quickly pick out the colours being careful not to make mistakes that require time spent repainting or touching up. For example the dragoons arms were carefully painted leaving the lace work area black before adding fine lines in yellow to the fronts. belts were painted with a single dash of white paint and I find that leaving some black to add depth gives me the result I am looking for. I'm highlighting the Flat Red with Amaranth to give them a nice bright finish once satin varnished (two heavy coats), as these are intended very much as 'playing pieces' that will be handled quite a bit. I'd say a couple of hours max for these six cavalry and I'm pleased with them. I'm now applying the same method to French line infantry in campaign dress and I'll probably hack through quite a number of them over the next few days. You can see the first eight below, I have sixteen more sitting on washers to follow but I'm going to paint the four British 40mm's first over the weekend.

Sunday morning!
Further to the above, I painted the four British line to complete infantry phase 1 yesterday, save for some basing work etc. All of my 40mm's currently sit on shelves for easy access, I just need to give them a soft brush now and then to remove dust, but I do enjoy being able to handle them. This morning I took a few pics as an overview of where the collection stands to date.

15mm Dragoons by Blue Moon destined for the C&C board.
Blue Moon 15mm French line.

The French light companies.

Both French and British will be made up to 3 gun batteries.

Each French battalion consists of 35 figures plus 4 skirmishers ! 

French battalions each feature 4 grenadiers. The light company are separated to form a 16 figure skirmish line for the brigade.

British Battalions each of 29 figures. The heavy dragoons below will be made up to 16 figures and the battery to 3 guns and crews.

Last 4 British infantry for the time being.

The 12 x 60th Rifles with French 2nd Hussars beside them


  1. Lovely job and interesting to hear how the 15's now feel so easy to paint :-)

    1. Thanks Norm. I'm rattling through the 15mm's at the moment and I like the challenge of using my 000 brushes again picking out the details. I opened up my German Tank war starter box the other day again as I'm also keen to paint some armour. The Soviet set went missing in the move to Spain but we think we have now located it back at my daughters house so this has also boosted enthusiasm for this small project.

  2. Sweet bit of painting there my man. Your 6mm stuff was also bloody good mind you. It got me gaming again.

    1. Thank you very much JBM. I have seen your ECW's and they are very good, I must get a link to your blog up.

  3. Lovely looking figures,in all scales!
    Best Iain

    1. Cheers Iain. The 40mm's might end up as display units while I play with the 15mm C&C set up! Just can't find the motivation to put together all the big scenic items again, might change next year though.

  4. It almost annoys me at times that all scales look good when well painted! (Makes it harder to choose "one true scale").

    The display cabinet is striking, like a museum or art gallery display.

    1. Thank you Ross. The 15mm Blue Moon range are nice little figures, not as finely detailed maybe as the AB 18mm figures, but robust and will take much more handling. I think I'm enjoying painting the 15's more than the 40's but of course the end result can't be compared.


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