Monday, 13 March 2017

Travel Battle by the Perry's!

You have to hand it to those Perry's, having taken plastic figure production to new heights they now come up with this wonderful idea for a Portable Wargame. For those who don't follow the Perry website I thought I would share it here as it's up on pre order right now. No doubt it well sell extremely well and will be ideal for holidays etc, it struck me that it might be ideal for use with Bob Corderey's Portable Wargame rules.

Image borrowed from the Perry Miniatures website, click to see detail.

Link to product information page.

Flames of War version 4.
I will spend what spare time I have this week getting to grips with the new Flames of War rule book. I'm focusing on the late war period (trying NOT to get myself drawn into the Desert despite the beautiful photos),  the new book is only a third of the size of Version 3 with lots of rules being simplified or trimmed down to speed up the game. This is a stand alone rule book so my old hardback is redundant, the playsheet is considerably altered so I'll also need to replace my trusty wall chart version. I plan a small run through game next weekend.

The version 4 bundle.

Hit allocation has been simplified.

Version 3 hardback and the considerably slimmer volume that replaces it.


  1. Re Perry, an exciting development and more-so when one wonders where this will go in the future.

    Re FoW, I don't have them, but I have been following the development and associated comments etc. It will take a while for the dust to settle as not everyone will be pleased with their favourite system being tinkered with, but I tend to feel that in keeping with the current trend of rules, being streamlined and easy to pick up is increasingly important for both gamers and the commercial success of rulesets.

    1. Hi Norm - been a lot of discussion on the FoW forum, but I'll just take my time to learn the new rules and try to stay positive. Bolt Action was shot down in flames, so much negativity it put me off completely.

  2. I'm hoping to get my copy of 4th Edition this weekend. So far reviews sound rather positive in the main.

    1. Hi Dai, let me know your thoughts once you have time to digest the rule changes?

  3. I, too, intend to use the Perry's Travel Battle with Bob Cordery's The Portable Wargame. I will give the rules that come with TB a whirl, but I can already see that I will modify the TB gameboard by adding coordinates, for the purposes of play by email.

    I ordered two of the Travel Battle, I may end up ordering some more.


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