Saturday, 28 December 2013

Back to painting!

After a couple of days off from painting figures it was good to be able to sit down and paint another 10mm AWI unit this morning. I find I really miss it when I'm not painting something or other, I could possibly be slightly addicted to it! I enjoy the discipline of painting, I think it's good for me, and every single unit brings it's own reward and satisfaction once I sit back and look at the completed figures. As I paint at 'commercial' speed I do occasionally miss things so I always do a final check back over anything I paint. Looking at the unit painted below I note that I missed the epaulets on the officer with the musket for example - duly corrected.

This unit is the 4th regiment of Foot, the usual 24 figures. The Pendraken 10mm AWI range is in my opinion superior to the ECWrange, they are slightly larger, fuller figures and very well detailed.

Commands & Colors Russian expansion - after months of putting off buying this expansion and then not being able to find it anywhere at reasonable cost (Amazon have a copy at £70.00!) I'm pleased to say I now have one on order from a UK supplier (and in stock!) at £38.00 plus just £4.00 postage. I'm really looking forward to the new scenarios as I have read so many good reports about them. I'm even looking forward to stickering the blocks.

This blog was originally intended as Napoleonic blog, and it just keeps on calling me back. With a very busy painting schedule planned for the months ahead for my customers I have no intention of starting any major projects for myself, it just seems pointless given how they generally end up, but I still feel the need to paint just a few figures for myself here and there. After a lot of thinking I'm going to paint individual French and Russian 15mm figures to use on the Russian C&C game, nothing more than that, just replacing the blocks with one figure per block, I simply cannot resist it! I have no time to create terrain any longer and no desire for large armies or battalions, but I really enjoy C&C N so much that this must be the next thing I do. Unlike the AWI version I will know when to stop, and I can bash these out in little time alongside my commission work. Something about moving figures about that board is irresistible to me. I'll be using Essex for this as they are the only figures I can see that will endure constant individual handling as playing pieces, I have never once known an Essex bayonet to break off for example, they are very durable.

Hope you are all enjoying the festive season and all the very best for the New Year.

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  1. Lee, happy new year.
    I've just finished sticking all the Austrian blocks together, another excellent addition.
    I've been using 10mm figures on a kallistra table for game to figure conversion.


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