Saturday, 18 January 2014

Catching up.

Sometimes I just don't know where the time goes! For the first post of 2014 I thought I'd just post some pics and you can see what I've been up to.

Commission work.
It's great being able to switch between just a few commission projects, going from 6mm to 10mm to 20mm in different periods. I think I'm keeping everyone happy though. I'm happy that my painting service has become just what I wanted it to be - an enjoyable way to earn a reasonable part time income working in the comfort of my own home. My wife is the real breadwinner in the family, but it helps and gives me the ability to spend money on toy soldiers. I'm pretty disciplined about it though, I like be out early on the beach with the dog then back for coffee and toast, see the kids off (well, only the youngest one now really). I'm ready to paint by 9am and I try to stop around 2pm. I have a few breaks of course and stretch the old legs! When there's free time evenings and weekends I paint for myself. Painting is a therapy for me, I love it and I'm rarely more relaxed than when I paint soldiers.

Right then, tomorrow (Sunday) is my birthday and more importantly our middle daughters birthday too, she will be 19. We're all off out for a meal and I'm a little worried as my anxiety issues make it difficult for me in noisy crowded places, but I'll be there. It's been a joy watching Jess grow and develop into the beautiful soul that we love and are so proud of. Our other daughters are aged 24 and ....... almost 13....... a late surprise!

I won't waffle on any longer other than to say that the focus for the foreseeable future is going to be Napoleonics once again, as I begin to replace the Commands and Colors blocks with 15mm Essex figures. Wonderful to be able to paint just a few figures of each type with such a huge diversity in uniforms. You can see how far I have got so far. These are purely tokens now, playing pieces and as such they painted in a bold but simple style before being given two heavy coats of satin varnish.

So, the pics. Different periods different scales for different people! 20mm ECW's (a few of the 5 x 20 figure units just completed, these are Newcastles and we deliberately went for this cream shade as being more authentic than 'white'), 20mm ACW's for ... who else.... Old John, 6mm Baccus ACW's, and the 15mm Essex figures French and Russian for myself. The 10mm AWI's are due for a push during February.


  1. Nice, but I especially like the ECW.. Les Higgins figures??

  2. Cheers Steve - I think they are all Tumbling Dice miniatures, but stand to be corrected. They are lovely 20mm castings with loads of character and separate heads. There is a single old 'Warrior' Preacher in this batch too and despite his spindly legs he really is a great figure too.



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