Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Favourite shots from the past 12months.

One thing with a blog like this is that older posts are often buried and seldom read. I have been looking back through the commission work of the last year or so and so thought I would just bring a few old favourites back to the top here for those like myself who simply enjoy browsing images of painted figures! So here we go. Just a small selection of images of course representing the many hundreds (certainly thousands) of figures painted this year on commission. A sort of online portfolio.

In January I was still working through hundreds of 6mm ancients - Rome v Carthage. I'd not painted ancients before and so was pleased with how they turned out.

As usual, please click to enlarge.

IN particular I liked the tiny horses, and I now regard 6mm horses as something of a speciality!
By February I was playing C&C Napoleonics on the game board using the rebased 6mm figures. I later sold off all of the 6mm stuff! I also started painting for 'Old John' - lovely 20mm Les Higgins figures.
By March I was painting 6mm Russians for the new C&C expansion.
I also got started on the 20mm ECW's for Tony. I believe that to date I have painted 15 regiments of horse? 
April saw more lovely 20mm castings for 'Old John'
April saw the early stages of the 10mm AWI commission.
I was especially pleased with these Baccus 6mm casualties for a regular customer for whom I also painted hundreds of Wars of the Roses figures and Napoleonic Austrians.
More 20mm for Old John!
May - still going with the 10mm AWI's.
June - several units of French Napoleonics by Essex - sold on ebay.
July - Old John has continued to keep me busy all through the year!

August - nice crisp shot this one - a couple of 'test paint' Scots Greys - 15mm.
10mm AWI artillery crews.
And Old John sent me piles of 20mm ACW's to paint - lovely castings - I'm still going with these!

A plastic 20mm Russian command group for Konrad Kinch.
September - still painting 20mm ECW's for Tony - another three units of horse here.
October - John still keeping me busy!
And most recently - more ECW's and ACW's.


  1. Wow!
    All draw-droopingly beautiful Lee. They look great when you post them individually, but a this one that shows the quality of your work in any scale is amazing.
    I always enjoy the sight of masses of troops, so particularly like the first few images of your fabulous 6 mm troops.

    1. Thank you very much James :-)

      Merry Christmas,



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