Saturday, 21 December 2013

Just in time for Christmas!

I'm pleased to report the timely arrival of the first of my planned 15mm tanks for Memoir 44, I was hoping that they would be here so I can work on them over Christmas. Two Shermans and a Panther as a tester so I could see what they are like, and I have to say I'm well impressed with these little models. They are suitably hefty and the quality is everything I have come to expect from Peter Pig ..... plenty of Oink! They should paint up really well and I have been reading up how to paint model tanks.

Also I managed to get a bit more work on the hull of the 74gun, the decking woodwork will be inked down a shade. I'm taking my time with this one, next up the masts and sail sets and drilling out the 0.5 mm holes that the cotton rigging will pass through later.

On the commission front, as the year draws to a close I'm happy to say I have some some interesting projects for the New Year, more 20mm from Old John, more 10mm AWI's, more 20mm ECW's, 6mm ACW's and even some Napoleonic Hinton Hunts that I'm rather excited about.

Currently I'm working through 5 foot units for Tony's ECW collection which includes Covenanter Scots and the first was finished this morning with the addition of some extra highlights to lift the Hodden Grey look. Again superb 20mm castings full of character.

The 10mm British AWI army - for the same customer that I painted the large American army for earlier this year - is coming along nicely now that I have settled into a comfortable painting routine with them. This is battalion/regt number 7 the 5th Foot. Usual 24 figure units which will look good once based up.

I'm sure I'll be posting pics of the first tank very shortly.

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  1. Some very nice work there Lee. I particularly liked looking over your round up of the year post, all that work builds up doesn't it?

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.


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