Sunday, 15 August 2021

Looking back at some old work.

I have spent a pleasant morning looking back through some of the old blog pages that have not been linked for several year, actually going back almost ten years! Thought some might enjoy a flick through these images so as I can't figure out how to add a navbar I'll just add them here. Reminds me of just how many figures I have painted and sold over the years and why it makes sense now for me to just paint on commission for friends. 

Above: AWI command bases painted 10 years ago!

15mm Peter Pig AWI's (and a few shots of the PP ACW's) I think I painted these around 10 years ago as they are pre blog.

'Continentals' Peter Pig.

6mm ECW by Baccus.

28mm Napoleonics.

15mm Napoleonics (Essex Miniatures).

6mm Painting Guide.

6mm Napoleonics.


  1. Ahh the 6mm Baccus. You’d already sold it on when I first became aware of it, but it was the inspiration for me to do 6mm and ultimately get into blogging. You’ve a lot to answer for sir!

  2. Hi JBM, that was a good period for me because I was still just about actually into wargaming! Tony had introduced me to C&C with everything I needed to play including a lovely set of wooden dice and that was that, I even printed a nice set of half sized command cards to match the scale. The ECW's followed the Napoleonics.


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