Saturday, 6 March 2021

First impressions of some AB 20mm WW2 figures.

 I'm not going to ramble on about how I got here, simple fact is that I have been eyeing up this range of late war British infantry on the Eureka site for probably months now, so with some funds freed up I placed a small order for a couple of infantry sections (10 figures per bag), a pack of Anti Tank Rifles (6 figures) and a pack of support weapons (a medium mortar and crew and a Vickers MG and crew). I have to say that they are wonderfully sculpted figures and vastly superior to the same plastics I attempted some time back. I don't really know where this will go from here, but as I always like to have something on the go for myself I have in mind a couple of reinforced platoons for Bolt Action and I'll simply enjoy working on them alongside some commission painting.

A big shout out to Eureka, I placed my order at 10am Monday and received a shipping notice at 2pm same day! Next I'm going to order some Germans.


  1. They look very good. I have 2 German packs, unpainted, which I like, all except for a kneeling guy throwing a stick grenade, his throwing arm looked awkwardly posed to my eye. I tried to reposition it and wish I hadn’t :-)

    Just arrived are a bag of MDF 50mm pill shaped bases (Warbases) for me to Blu-tak a couple of figures on each, to see whether that is a good look for the new Reloaded Rapid Fire rules. My own preference is for a bigger base with 4 figs to represent a section, so we shall see.

    1. Funny enough Norm I spotted that German grenade thrower and it's identical to the PSC figure that I thought way too 'awkward'. I just tried to imagine throwing a stick grenade to see how the pose compared and must admit it's very similar, (my wife was giving me very strange look :)

      My only issue with AB/Eureka is that if you only want a couple of figures you need to buy a whole pack, for example command figures, but have to say the 10 figure infantry section bag is perfect in composition.

      So I'm happy, all figures sold and free to play around with something fresh (never painted British WW2 before).



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