Saturday, 18 August 2018

Picking up a few modelling products here.

We have had a couple of wet days here in Spain, perfect for a trip to the DIY superstore Leroy Merlin. Our main aim was to purchase bamboo screen and plants for our balcony, we spend a lot of time out there and as it's a generous 16' x 12' it needed a good few large plants. We now have a lovely orange tree, an avocado tree and a couple of Jasmins all going in large painted pots and we are just looking for a lemon tree to finish things off. Our wooden herb box includes the usual household herbs plus a couple chilly plants, all in all very satisfying, just need it to stop raining now so we can get out there and organise it all. We eat our evening meals out there and watch the sun go down over Monte Corona.

As I'm sure any wargamer does when in such stores I'm always on the lookout for useful modelling materials, and following on my recent Superglue experience was especially on the prowl for a good quality glue. I did come across a really useful range of earth coloured pigments, just a couple of euros for the jar you see below, they also sell in other earth shades, and it's very useful stuff for mixing up my base texture shade. Well pleased with it and I will go back and grab a couple more no doubt.

My trusty pot of basing texture mix. 

The cheap version above (yuk!) and the 'extremo' version below.

Don't recall seeing this in the Uk but it's excellent stuff for basing or groundwork.

Leroy Merlin also sells plants!


  1. Good looking basing materials and better looking super glue,I do use the pound shop superglue for terrain making although I prefer uhu which you also get in pound shops these days.
    Best Iain

  2. Hi Iain, I'm always on the lookout for the possible modelling materials, can't quite read the product labels yet though so it's a bit tricky!


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