Thursday, 3 November 2016

First of the British, Universal Carrier and Banana Beer!

Having made the decision to finally start a British force for Bolt Action I could not resist beginning with the lovely little Universal Carrier model by Warlord. It's the earlier plastic kit, but I have come to enjoy assembling these models as well as the multi part infantry figures because it offers so many conversion possibilities and variation of poses etc. I use Revell Contacta glue as it makes the job very easy and bonds quickly, and also allows you to fill any gaps.

This kit was undercoated as usual with Army Painter Matt black whilst still on the sprues, I have a dedicated little spraying spot in the shed at the bottom of the garden and I now do all of the plastic stuff this way - still on the sprues - as I find it covers so much better with no missed areas. Some parts such as the 4 figures in this case are painted whilst still on the sprues then removed and assembled before sticking into the model. For the British Uniforms I used Vallejo' British Uniform' (there's a surprise!), followed by a Sepia ink wash, then a highlight once dry of the British Uniform/Khaki 50/50 mix. I'll stick to this formula and it should see the force painted up fairly quickly.

Next I'll paint the 4 figure command set (metal), and then I'll do the Dad's Army set before getting stuck into the plastic infantry box.

Universal (Bren) Carrier for Bolt Action.
Cost: 60 points (regular)
Weapons: 1 forward facing hull mounted LMG.
Damage value 7+ (Armoured Carrier)
Transport: 5 men
Can tow: Light or medium anti tank gun
Options: Pintle Mounted LMG (+10 points) replace forward facing LMG with Boys Anti Tank rifle (+10 points)
Special rules: open topped. May turn on the spot enabling it to execute a full speed run rate 'reverse', move, finishing the move facing in the direction of travel.

That's quite a versatile little vehicle that can get itself quickly out of a tight spot and zip about towards an objective.

Sod FIFA, wear those poppies with pride!

The Warlord British HQ set of 4 metal figures. It includes a medic with stretcher and a very 'British' looking officer!

Still working through the beers, didn't think I was going to like this one (bit gimmicky), but the banana taste is very subtle on the top, I actually really enjoyed it!


  1. The figure lounging in the back of the Bren is fantastic.. very characterful..

    Hmmm.. seen that Banana Bread beer before and steered clear.. maybe I need to revisit!

  2. Yes, wear that poppy with pride! Bravo!

    Nicely done on the Carrier - they really are lovely little vehicles. Rode in one when I was a teen at a military show and it was a (rough ride) blast! In game, I've been very tempted to grab one as lend lease for my Soviets.

    I couldn't stomach the banana bread beer m'self. :)

  3. Great looking bren carrier nicely painted good looking sculpts for the crew , they are an option for soviets so it's nice to know the kit goes together well.
    Best Iain

  4. The Bren is great - terrific job. And a great vehicle (in my opinion) for Bolt Action.

    Banana Bread Beer...umm, it wouldn't be my first choice, but I have been pleasantly surprised before.


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