Friday, 22 January 2016

Now that's more like it!

It's been a busy time on the domestic front, a close family friend has just returned home following a triple heart bypass operation in London, and my wife has been looking after him. Remarkable to think he was in for just six days and can already begin to feel the benefits of the operation, it was a planned 'non urgent' procedure that got cancelled twice at last minute previously, annoying when you live well over 100 miles from the hospital! Still, it's done now and he will soon be back on his feet again.

Bolt Action.
So the upshot of the above is that I now have a bit more time on my hands again, I've not painted a figure for quite a time it seems, having been engrossed in terrain building that I'd really rather not be doing. Last night I decided to lay out a basic set up with a view to a BA battle at the weekend, very little is finished, the hedges remain unglued and unpainted, the house bases unfinished, but I'm keen to run through another small game to keep the rules fresh in my mind. I also raised the table height up to 1 metre, and it's amazing how this changes the view of the board, its easier now to get down to those line of sight shots and the whole table seems far more broken up with pockets of hard and soft cover. I don't think I can see from one side to the other at any point now, so should produce a more challenging game. I'll keep this one infantry focused, I'm keen to try out 'fire and manouevre' tactics by the Yanks, using one squad to put down covering fire as the other advances, and also to get the MMG's in to pin the enemy infantry.

Lots of negativity re Bolt Action over on the TMP boards I see, you love it or hate it it seems, I just enjoy it for what it is, a fun game. I posted there in order to get a scan of the Panzer III assembly sheet and was delighted to get an immediate response from Lorenzo at Warlord Games who followed the link to my blog to get my email address and sent me clear pics of the sheet, good customer service.

Here is the newly raised table, it's very much a practice table for me, I know that in time I will need a bigger temporary table downstairs once I get into Tank War, but it's great to have a little space to play and listen to music, had a great Rory Gallagher session yesterday, decent speakers and no neighbours on that side means I can turn the volume up when the family are out.

Taking Bolt Action to the next level? Warlord say that 2016 will be a 'big year for BA'.

Inspirational image from Tank war with infantry machine gunner on the rear.

Could not resist adding more crew as above.

Can't see much from here!

The room last night. The table is slightly reduced in length, it's actually 5' 6" long in order to allow me to move freely along the side, and 4' wide. This leaves plenty of space for two chairs and my painting desk too. Will get a coat of paint to brighten it up next. 

And finally, I couldn't help myself, I did it ....... I ordered the 'Wittman Tiger' yesterday, have no idea how I'm going to justify it in a small game, but I had to have it. It's the new Resin and metal version so no fiddly construction work this time, if nothing else it will make a great display piece, but I'm sure it will get onto the table!


  1. Flames of war suffers the same negativity. You can't have a popular mass market WW2 game without war gaming snobs decrying it. It has to be an obscure 1980's game for it to count as a real ww2 game, apparently.

    When really any system is open to abuse by poor or un-historical players, and games that bring non-historical gamers into the period should be welcomed rather than condemned!

  2. Agree with the comments :)
    I play what I enjoy playing... and BA does it for me!


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