Tuesday, 10 November 2015

28mm US infantry progress!

I'm still at it, determined to finish these damned figures! Yesterday I sat down and stuck together the last 10 figures, it took me ages and I uttered a few choice swear words as arms fell off, legs fell off, guns fell off etc and sticky bits rolled on the carpet. After what seemed like a marathon session they were finally done, all 20 US infantry figures stuck together and the first 10 half painted. I was more methodical in my second attempt at assembly, being more careful what pair of arms went which weapon, bit still found the experience frustrating. It's odd painting stuff that you are not enjoying doing, but I'm really keen to play Bolt Action, so I'm regarding it as something of a rite of passage, bit like placing the stickers on the hundreds of Commands & Colours Napoleonics blocks, a right pain to do but worth the effort when you play the game.

A quick peep at the plastic infantry half painted at this stage.


  1. Considering you're pushing yourself to get these done, they look just fine so far. Keep it up!

  2. Sorry to hear that you're having to suffer for your art Lee.

    They're looking good though.


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