Saturday, 7 March 2015

More 1815 Prussians & a new game!

While I'm working through a 24 figure battalion of 1815 Young Guard for Roy I thought I would post a few of the recent 'production pics' of the first two battalions. I kept the blue of the line battalion quite dark, but I was very interested to see how 'Wellington Man' interpreted the Prussian blue uniform (blog now in my list of blogs at right), and I'm very tempted to 'lift' Roy's slightly! Figures are 20mm Hinton Hunt.

The lighter colour uniform is the British supplied 'Portuguese' uniform and will make a nice contrast to the line units.

Next week I will be painting more 20mm figures for Old John, a return to the ACW starting with the 79th New York Highlanders. This plate made me laugh, I'm not sure they looked like this for very long!

And finally .... I have found myself something to play around with as I continue to paint for others. This time not an impulsive purchase, I thought about it for at least two weeks before taking the plunge! Having obtained the 'Flames of War' rule book on ebay some time back I was surprised reading through it just how much I managed to absorb, and I was gradually drawn into it. The clincher though was discovering the fantastic 'Open Fire' box set, which for £40.00 contains everything you need to get started in late war period WW2.

So I thought I would make a feature of putting the entire box contents together and then painting it, no doubt over the course of a few weeks, as there's a lot in the box!

If you have not seen the 'Open Fire' box set yet, this short video features the games designer Phil Yates taking delivery of the newly released set, (in rather plush offices I must say!), and takes you through whats in it.


  1. The speed and skill with which you produce these is absolutely awe inspiring, Lee. Superb style and beautifully sympathetic to these lovely old figures. Keep up the good work!

  2. Yes, lovely stuff Lee, The Prussians will be marching to Ligny as soon as Ian and I can get enough together. I like the Portuguese uniform as it gives a bit of variety to the army. There are a couple of Prussian units in white too, he said hopefully?
    If you are interested in FoW its well worth looking at the army builder they have which is, I think, still at easy That way you can check to what you need for a force. Normal mid war forces are 1750 points and there is a good tournament scene of nice players who will help a new player learn the rules. (As long as you have the basics).


  3. You've made a great job of these Lee - the advancing Prussian figure was the central one in my 1970s army but I still haven't painted one for my new force! Fascinating to see the different painting style between yourself and Wellington Man. With so many reinforcements on the march Vintage Waterloo is shaping up to be something quite special.

  4. Agreed! And those new Portugese uniformed fellows are eye-catching.

    Best Regards,


  5. Regarding the use of blue....I've been very conservative in this area! So far I've only used the darkest blue I can find in the Humbrol range. If anything its not dark enough! However, I'm inspired by your lighter shade of reserve infantrymen, which look fantastic. When I do my own I may give something similar a go...


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