Saturday, 21 March 2015

20mm ACW's & Hinton Hunt conversions.

I enjoyed painting through some of John's wonderful ACW's this week, although I must confess I initially found it hard to get started on them probably due to my head being full of Napoleonic 'stuff' in this Waterloo anniversary year. Once underway I was fine and as usual from John there is a vast selection of castings and manufacturers to choose from. The 79th New York (Highlanders) will I'm sure cut a dash in any ACW battle! I have never been a kilt painter, but overall they turned out well I think.

Lovely castings, this pic taken before final details added.

A touch of red here and there lifts ACW figures a bit more I find - mental note to self: add officers cuff braid!

The advancing Yanks at right shoulder shift arms are by Qualticast and superb in my opinion, the standard bearers are conversions and very neatly done, as is the officer behind them with frock coat added from green stuff and sword added over shoulder. I will get a close of him later.

My trusty old desk lamp! Not much left of the original, fitted new bulb holder for the 35watt spiral I like to use for painting - always for me it's 6400k more usually known as 'daylight' or 'SAD' as it gives a very crisp light in the blue spectrum. Note the professional 'hood' attached by selotape.
On Monday I'll be starting two more battalions of  early Peninsular Spanish for Tony, one line and one light this time. I thought I would give you a look at these crisp shiny castings from the lights, they always paint up very well.

Among the units I have in my 'in tray' is a unit of French light cavalry for 'Vintage Waterloo' these being the 1st Regiment of Chasseurs who wore the light lancer style helmet. Roy has done a sterling job of the conversions, removing the lance from the HH light lancer castings and adding a flattened pin sword, should produce a fine and unique regiment of cavalry. I also have the Cumberland Hussars in hand and a couple of units of Cuirassiers scheduled down the line, all Hinton Hunt figures I believe, so there should be plenty of cavalry on the field when the day comes. These are 12 figure units. Let's hope the Hussars hang around a bit longer than they did historically!


  1. Keep up the good work Lee, the Emperor is relying on you!

  2. I think Blucher is keeping in Lee's good books too!

  3. My 79th looking good, lovely work, keep 'em coming, shame the 79th are going to run at 1st Mannassas
    cheers Old John


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