Tuesday, 10 March 2015

1815 Young Guard.

I'm getting more of a feel now for painting 'vintage' figures in 20mm. If you have been used to painting  more 'modern' castings with heavily raised detail such as belts and straps and deep undercuts then it can be a bit of a shock when you first paint a Hinton Hunt figure. But with work they can paint up very well indeed.

This is the first half of a Young Guard battalion for Roy. It took a bit of time to build these up, but the results are worth it I think. Still needs musket straps and pom poms etc but that will be done once the other 12 figures are finished off. You can see from the casting (Hinton Hunt code FN 77 on base) how the musket tends to 'wrap' around the body somewhat, but once painted they look OK.

Need to check a few small details but should be a nice battalion once completed. As usual blues don't reproduce well in pics, actual shade is closer to the shade of blue of the officer figure below.

These are intended for 'Vintage Waterloo'. In addition to these three units I have another Prussian battalion coming, together with two regiments of HH cavalry, plus a battalion of British from Ian as I was keen to paint some redcoats again! I also have 20mm ACW's to paint and understand that more Spanish are also on the way soon, busy time ahead but I'm really enjoying my painting at the moment and not being distracted by personal projects so production is good.


  1. Lee, good to see you painting again. Hope all is well.

  2. Lee, you are rapidly becoming the "Vintage Waterloo" quartermaster!

  3. Masterful brushwork on those old castings. They really look nice.

    Best Regards,



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