Monday, 10 February 2014

Replacing the C&C wooden blocks.

Over the weekend I managed to bring my 15mm Essex figures (French and Russian) up to the 200 painted figures mark. They are fine figures and I have long been a fan of Essex castings going way back. The first time I visited the little shop attached to the production workshop convinced me that these were the figures for me. The shop was and is crammed with painted examples of all the ranges, and I have always maintained that they look far better in the 'lead' than they do on the Essex website. For some reason they always appear slightly 'dwarfish' and the painting is not always perhaps the best quality.

As I thoroughly enjoy both painting and photographing wargame figures I present here numerous shots taken on the C&C board, all Essex of course. I just need to finish off a couple of French guns and I'm ready for a first bash with these. Much more is planned though as I continue to replace all of the C&C wooden blocks with figures. Should keep me happy for quite a while yet. Hussars, Russian militia, more line troops, lancers etc etc in the pipeline. Once I have covered all of the French and Russian blocks I'll go back a step and replace all the British and Portuguese blocks before moving onto the Austrians. I also intend to do Dutch Belgian and Brunswick blocks etc for the two Hundred days scenarios.

That bloke again.

Russian gunners with cossacks and Grenadiers in support.

C&C 'Guard Grenadiers - 8 blocks!

Russian Cuirassiers.

French line and dragoons.

Old Guard Grenadiers with raw recruits in front (these count as C&C 'Militia' and the greatcoats help to identify them).

It's behind you! French gunners awaiting their guns.

This is one of my favourite Essex command figures.

French cuirassiers charging.


  1. That looks like a very fine setup Lee. I was actually thinking of you last night, there's a chap who has just put up some American Rebellion scenarios on that might pique your interest.

  2. Nice report and beautiful figures!

  3. Lee, nice one. I'm in the process of using the Kallistra terrain and 10mm figures on 40mmx20mm bases or 40mmx30mm for cavalry and it looks rather good!

  4. Very pretty Lee. I love the Essex stuff too and have a pile of medievals.

    Is there a reason you've not based these in groups given the rules? Or are you using them for skirmish games as well?

  5. Thank you chaps :-)

    CK: I saw those AWI scenarios, lets hope he keeps them coming.

    Phil: I'm using a pretty standardised painting method for this lot as I want them to look like playing pieces rather than true units, the same reason I'm using a satin varnish (I even considered going shiny!)

    Graham: I like those Kallistra tiles, especially the design of the hill hexes etc.

    Michael: Currently I'm playing the game with a single figure replacing a single wooden block so 4 figures for an average C&C infantry unit. Might change though as the collection grows!




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